Metal Lockers New Jersey

Metal Lockers New Jersey. Ideal for work, gyms, office, schools, medical, law enforcement. Complimentary layouts. Stocked locally. Lowest overall cost. Buy Local and save time and money. stocks Metal Lockers in New Jersey .  The type of locker is typically based on available space and the position of staff members at the lowest overall cost.  Our New Jersey Locker specialists can assist with locker type selection and space saving layouts. P(917) 701-5795.

New Jersey Metal Lockers
Metal Lockers stocked in New Jersey. Delivered assembled, Ready to use.

Shown above is New Jersey’s most popular locker types. Free locker selection assistance to help you determine the best suited locker for your facility based on the amount of lockers needed and space available. 1 Tier Lockers are stocked in NJ is 4 popular sizes. Let LockersUSA quote on your needs.

Single Tier Metal Lockers in New Jersey. P(917) 701-5795

Box lockers also known as 5 Tier, 6 Tier lockers are widely used in New Jersey. 6 tier box lockers shown above are 78″ high with legs. The most popular width is 12″ wide. Depth of the lockers is also key. 18″ deep is ideal for back packs, Shoes, Etc. Our Locker specialist will provide a complimentary space saving, Code compliant layout based on your specific needs. For long coats and uniforms single tier lockers are best suited. Single tier lockers allow for coats and uniforms to hang inside the locker. Each single tier locker comes with a hat shelf and coat hooks. The industry standard size

Two Tier Metal Lockers with recessed handles in 5 standard colors stocked in NJ.

Two Tier lockers provide space saving solutions and good storage for locker users.

for single tier lockers shown above is 12″ wide x 18″ deep x 78″ wide.  Two tier Lockers shown below maximize space well. 2 tier lockers (stacked) allow for hanging of coats (to the hip) to hang neatly. Two tier lockers come with coat hook. The ideal size for 2 tier lockers (shown above) is 12″ wide x 18″ deep x 78″ high (includes 6″ legs. each locker is 36″ high.

 Locks:  Metal Lockers New Jersey stocks padlocks and combination locks. Padlocks can come key controlled. Each lock uses a different key and management can be provided with master keys. Combination locks cab be installed in the door or combination padlocks can be supplied.

Locker Locks stock in New Jersey

Lockers with combination padlocks. LockersUSA also stocks built in combination locks in New Jersey. Combination locks are ideal for the restaurant and hotel industry. Each lock comes with 5 different combination numbers. As employees leave the combination number can be easily changed to the next available number up to 4 times before going back to the original combo number.  Master keys are provided for management and control charts. the control chart details the locker number, current employee and combination number currently being used. When the locks are installed management is provided with a tag of each employee to hand out when assigning lockers, detailing the locker number, combination number and how to use the combo lock. one side of the tag is in English, The other side of the tag is in Spanish. If your facility already has combination locks we can provide additional locks for the new lockers programmed to your existing key control system.  Contact us now for immediate assistance.                     P(917) 701-5795 or email

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Metal Lockers Toms River

Metal Lockers Toms River. Metal Lockers stocked on Rt 37 in Toms River.  Complimentary Layouts. Save on Shipping costs stocked in Toms River. LockersUSA stocks Single Tier, Double Tier, Triple Tier and Box Lockers in our Rt 37 Toms River Location. Metal Lockers can be delivered quickly either assembled or knocked down. Our locker techs provide space saving, code compliant complimentary layouts six days a week. Not sure which locker is best for your space, Give us a call or email.

Steel Lockers Toms River
Metal Lockers in Toms River stocked in 5 colors. Free on site layouts.

Metal Lockers in Toms River are widely used for business, medical, schools, law enforcement, restaurants and hotels. Save on shipping stocked locally.  LockersUSA stocks all major  USA manufactures of Metal, Plastic, Wood and Stainless Steel Lockers.

Metal Lockers stocked in Single Tier and Double Tier. Free on site layouts.
Lockers can be delivered with flat or sloped tops, Enclosed legs or bases and with built in combination locks or padlocks with key control charts for easy management. Our Locker Techs deliver and install in New Jersey and New York daily with Union or Non Union trades. LockersUSA provides the industries only lifetime.
Expanded Metal and Solid Lockers in Toms River

Locker Room benches stocked in Toms River from 3′ wide to 12′ wide with laminate maple tops and metal bases painted the same color as your lockers. 

Locker Room Benches in Toms River.

Locker Room Benches can be delivered quickly. stocked with metal bases in the same color as the lockers.

HD Locker Benches #1888 with bottom shelf in Toms River

We also stock ADA compliant locker Room Benches.  LockersUSA stocks lockers, Pallet Rack and Shelving in our warehouses in Toms River and NYC. Contact us today for immediate assistance. or P(917) 701-5795.

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