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Mail Room Shelving. Space efficient storage solutions for mail rooms in residential and office buildings. In today’s internet world mail rooms are filled daily with Amazon and Internet deliveries. Utilizing the mail rooms space can be optimized with LockersUSA’s Mailroom Shelving and Rack. Designed to be easy to use for staff employees and tenants. Label holders can be provided to assign locations for each tenants boxes. Heights of the shelving levels can be easily adjusted for various size boxes. Heavy Large Boxes should be placed on the bottom shelf. Shelf depths for mail rooms stocked from 12″ deep to 48″ deep. ideally in most residential buildings 18″ to 24″ seems to be ideal for most boxes.

Mailroom Box Lockers NYC
Lockers for Mailrooms NYC. ideal for residential and office buildings. Secure your internet deliveries. Free onsite layouts.

Max heights for residential buildings in unmanned mail rooms should be a height easy and safe for all to retrieve their deliveries. Rolling ladders or library ladders can be extremely useful for our of reach heights.

Mailroom Shelving NYC
Mail Room Shelving NYC stocked in 30 sizes. Complimentary Layouts.

Our Shelving and Rack is designed for easy height adjustments every 1-1/2″. No Bolts or nuts. Clip Type shelving can be adjusted in less than 1 minute.

Mail Room Shelving New York City
Mail Room Shelving NYC stocked from 6′ high to 12′ high. 8 Free powder coat colors. Free mail room layouts.

Our shelving has been designed so that doors with locks can be added if needed for secure storage of deliveries. provides Complimentary Mail Room Layouts daily. Contact us today for immediate assistance

Mail Room Lockers New York City
Mail Room Lockers NYC stocked in triple tier, double tier (2 stacked doors) in 12 standard sizes. Ideal for mail rooms, Technicians and Logistics. #1888

Mail Room Lockers #1888 shown above provide secure, visible storage. Stocked Nationwide in 24 sizes in Three tier shown above, double tier – 2 stacked doors and single tier – 1 full height door. Either welded wire backs can be attached or full height access doors attached to the back panel for easy access to all lockers to disperse boxes, tools, equipment, etc. stocks shelving and rack in New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Tennessee and Los Angeles.

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