Steel Lockers New York City

Steel Lockers New York City. Ready to ship. Stocked locally, Complimentary Layouts, Lowest Cost. Lifetime Warranty. New York City’s Largest Stocking Master Distributor, Ideal for Employees, Education, Medical, Law Enforcement, Retail, Hotels and Restaurants.

Metal Lockers NYC
Metal Lockers NYC. Free layouts, Color of lockers in picture “Emmauve”Professional Installations. Email
Metal Lockers NYC
Steel Lockers stocked in NYC. Free layouts assistance.

Lockers come in several types as shown above. 1 Tier Lockers are the most preferred choice. Available space and the number of lockers in most cases dictates the type locker to select.

Employee Lockers NYC
Steel Lockers installed on W 30th St. Single Tier shown above stocked in 5 free colors.

2 tier lockers can double the amount of lockers in the same space as single tier and can hold half coats, back packs, clothing, shoes, etc. 6 tier lockers are widely used when space is very tight. Ideal for backpacks, laptops, folded clothes.

steel two tier lockers stocked in Manhattan. Closed in legs bases also available.

The most popular locker width nation wide is 12″ deep. the best depth for the money is 18″, 18″ is used by Law enforcement, Schools, Gyms and Work. Larger is always preferred however the size listed works well for all industries. Our Locker specialists provide complimentary layouts six days a week. Utilize our teams extensive experience for code compliant, space saving layouts.

Locker Locks. LockersUSA stocks padlocks, combination padlocks and built in padlocks. Combination padlocks can be delivered with master keys and control charts. The control charts detail the locker number, users name and combination number. Also listed on the control chart is 4 additional combinations that can be used after someone leaves. when all combinations numbers have been used the combo can be reset to the first combo series.

Steel Lockers installed on W 23rd St with combo padlocks.

Lockers can be delivered with flat tops or sloping hood, Closed in legs or bases, End finishing panels and ask about our large inventory of ADA Lockers and Locker Room Benches.

Steel Lockers New York City  provides complimentary Locker Room Layouts daily to NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Harlem, Bronx, Yonkers, Westchester and Long Island.


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