Republic Lockers New Jersey

Republic Lockers New Jersey. Proudly serving the Tristate since 1909. Being someone who has been in the locker business for years, I get to go to job sites and appreciate the quality of Republic Lockers. They are a step above, While being at the lowest overall cost in most cases. Based in central New Jersey, Our 109,000 square foot warehouse stocks Republic Lockers and Shelving. Our team provides complimentary code compliant layouts and factory authorized installations.

Republic Lockers in New Jersey. Save on material cost and freight. Daily deliveries and installations to NJ, NYC & PhiladelphiaThe last couple of years have been challenging for the entire Locker industry, Faced with labor shortages and plants being idled from COVID and extremely long lead times and incredible steel and freight rate surcharges. We strongly suggest AIA’s, Contractors and Companies needing lockers to specify the quick ship lockers.

Republic Lockers NJ 07748
Republic Storage Lockers New Jersey. 30 standard colors. Free layout assistance and quote.

Republicn Lockers New Jersey’s Quick Ship offers a wide array of sizes for any facility.


Republic Lockers New Jersey
Republic Quick Ship Lockers NJ. Listed below is a list of Republic quick ship lockers. Don’t see what your looking for. email us for immediate assistance.

Our locker techs will also give you guidance with egress and ADA compliance when setting up the locker room.

Republic Storage Lockers NJ
Republic Lockers NJ. Need assistance or have a quote request, Specs and drawing. send to

Locker room benches are also on our quick ship program. pedestals for the lockers will be the same color as the lockers ordered. Republic lockers in New Jersey can be delivered with built in combination locks, Combo pad locks or cylinder clocks.

  Need cell phone lockers with USB

Cell phone lockers
Republic cell phone charging lockers NJ.

Republic cell phone locker. This locker includes 14
individual use doors with USB charging outlets. One
secured space is used to house the USB converter. This
converter plugs into any standard outlet. The master
door provides access to all the openings at once. Each
locker includes mounting brackets to easily hang the
unit on the wall and keep your floor space clear.
• Overall Size: 27”w x 9”d x 39”h
• Individual Locker Size: 6-1/2”w x 6-3/4”h
• 18 gauge doors, 24 gauge body parts
• Steel padlock hasps with friction catch
• Master door with locking handle, 2 keys
• Wall mounting brackets
• 14 USB A charging outlet & converter
• Includes number plates
• Available in Monorail Gray – Ships Assembled

Contact us today for immediate assistance.


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Used Lockers New Jersey –

Used Lockers New Jersey. stocks new and used lockers in New Jersey in Metal, Wood, in single tier, double tier – stacked doors and box lockers six tier. Our team provides complimentary layouts six days a week. Either online or onsite. Proudly serving industry since 1909.

Used Metal Lockers NJ
Used Metal Lockers New Jersey in several types available. Inventory changes daily. Email us for assistance.

Unfortunately due to steel shortages, Logistic issues and steel surcharges buyers should seek out Locker specialists to provide what is needed at the lowest overall cost and the best warranty available. Used Lockers, Shelving and Pallet Rack has been priced by some like the used car industry. Our 113 years in business is built on putting the customer first. Contact us today for immediate assistance one of our Techs will respond immediately.

Used Lockers Bergen County NJ
Used Lockers Paramus. Finding good used lockers is a lot like buying a used car today. Call us we have always put our customers first since 1909. P(917) 701-5795

For those who purchased lockers in the past. Some things have changed with manufactures that all should he aware of. In the past Lockers were the same powder coat color inside and out. Now some manufactures paint the exterior of the locker in one of the standard colors. The interior color may not be the same. Note on your request if the same color is preferred inside and out. It may cost more. Another change is single tier full height lockers had a had shelf, coat rod and coat hooks. Some manufactures do not offer shelves and or coat rods as a standard items within the locker and may need to be requested.

Used Lockers NYC
Used Lockers in Times Square NYC. Email us your locker needs. Our Lockers techs will respond quickly.

How to get the lockers quickly at the lowest overall cost and best warranty. Quick ship once meant next day or within 48 hour delivery or shipping. Today quick ship is normally 10 days due to worker shortages in the plant and or driver shortages. To speed up delivery consider standard quick ship colors. Typically Tan, Gray and some Blue. Quick ship lockers come with legs.  Order front and side bases to close on the legs. Ordering lockers with legs and closed in bases is less expensive the zee base. Please note all lockers usually list the height as 72″h or 60″ high. Chances are you will need to factor in another 6″ for the legs.

Welded Wire Lockers Edison NJ
Welded Wire Lockers in Edison NJ provide secure, visual storage. Available in several sizes and tiers.

Welded Wire Lockers shown above commonly used to store technicians equipment and daily workorders. Available with full height weld wire back panel or full height rear door to fill all lockers quickly. Both the front and rear doors have welded hasps for padlocks.

Should I order lockers shipped un-assembled or assembled. If you haven’t built lockers before its no fun. Unassembled lockers require skilled tradesman. Setting them up requires a level surface to lay the backs and sides on. Setting the doors on to the sides can be tricky. Assembling lockers is alot like Christmas Eve with the kids toys. Each locker literally has almost 60 nuts and bolts to assemble. Save time and money, Have the lockers delivered assembled. Chances are you will save substantially on labor.

Metal Lockers NYC 10036
Used Lockers Times Square NYC. Used and New in stock. Please send us an email for ;layout assistance or if you know what is needed email us for immediate assistance.

Should I buy used or new lockers? That depends, Like used cars one has to really inspect the lockers. Usually when a school, business or hospital discards lockers they are in rough shape. a lot like a 10 year old NYC taxi cab. However their are some great deals on used lockers. Some companies have closed during the pandemic with the need to sell their lockers, shelving and or pallet rack that is still in great shape. Contact us we will get you the deal needed.

Locker Room Benches NJ
Locker Benches in New Jersey. Email us for assistance.

LockersUSA stocks Locker Benches, ADA Benches and Standard Benches and the ones shown above with bottom shoe shelf. Available with green or blue frame.

Our office is open Monday through Saturday 6AM to 6PM. Contact us today for immediate assistance.

Used Lockers delivered daily to New Jersey, NYC, Queens NY, Brooklyn, Staten Island,

Golf Club Lockers NJ – – New & Used

Golf Club Lockers NJ. Wood and Metal lockers stocked in New Jersey. Proudly serving the Locker industry for 111 years. Free onsite Layouts, Lowest overall cost, Free Deliveries, Professional Installations. 109,000sf facility stocks metal lockers, Wood Lockers, Phenolic/Plastic Lockers, Galvanized Lockers. Widely used by Schools, Business, Hotels, Golf Courses, Gyms, Law Enforcement, Hospitals. Built to last in 24 standard colors.

Golf Lockers New Jersey
Golf Club Lockers NJ. New and used in stock in our CNJ 109,000sf warehouse. Free onsite layouts.

New & Used Lockers available. Currently we have a large inventory of two tier wood lockers and New Wood, Steel and Plastic lockers.

Used Lockers NJ
Wood Lockers in New Jersey in New and Used.

The used two tier lockers are 12″ wide x 18″ deep x 72″ high. Built in 3 wide frames (six lockers) and 1 wide frames (2 lockers) Typically used wood and metal lockers cost half as much as new. Plus purchasers save dramatically on long distance shipments from out of state online sources. Contact us today for immediate assistance.

Used Lockers NJ
Lockers Secuacus. New and used in stock. Free on site layouts. 24 standard colors. stocks the industries most popular types from Single Tier – Full height to Box Lockers – Six Tier high. Lockers can have flat or sloping tops, Open or closed in legs, Recessed stainless steel pocket handles or tamper proof handle.

Golf Lockers Colts Neck NJ 07722
Lockers Colts Neck. Metal lockers available in 24 standard colors. Free onsite layouts, Professional Installations. Free delivery.

Save on your next locker purchase. Options like slope tops are costly, Go with flat tops and lockers with closed in legs rather than zee base for reduced cost. Our inventory also includes Locker Room Benches and ADA compliant lockers. ADA lockers are required every 4th or 5th locker. Our Lockers specialist can assist with ADA requirements with the Complimentary Locker Room Layout. Contact us today for immediate assistance.


Golf Club Lockers delivered daily to Colts Neck, Middletown NJ 07748, Freehold, Rumson, Plainfield, Springfield NJ, Spring Lake, Belmar, Jersey City, Atlantic Highlands, all of New Jersey.