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Lockers NJ, Proudly serving NYC & NJ since 1909. The Metro area largest and oldest independent Locker master distributor and manufacturer. Complementary Layouts, Lowest overall cost, Free Deliveries, Professional Installations. 109,000sf facility stocks metal lockers, Wood Lockers, Phenolic Lockers, Galvanized Lockers. Widely used by Schools, Business, Hotels, Gyms, Law Enforcement, Hospitals. Built to last in 24 standard colors.

Lockers New Jersey
Lockers NJ. New Jersey’s Largest Inventory. Free Layouts, Professional Installations.

Our Locker specialists are available Monday through Friday 7AM to 7PM contact us today for immediate assistance. Phone (917) 701-5795.

Steel Lockers New Jersey
Metal Lockers available in 24 standard colors. Free Locker Room Layouts. P(917) 701-5795

Used Wood lockers currently in stock in New Jersey. Available in Two – Tier – stacked doors each locker is 12″ wide x 36″ deep x 36″ high.

Wood Lockers New Jersey
Used wood lockers NJ. Good quality wood lockers in stock. 2 tier 12″ x 18″ deep x 36″ high. Overall height 6′ High. email for information

We currently have 84 lockers – two tier in stock. (42 frames). Each 3 wide section – 6 lockers cost $600.00 pickup price. Tremendous savings on expensive shipping costs. Call now for additional information.  Our techs can deliver as an option.  Good condition Lockers NJ stocks the industries most popular types from Single Tier – Full height to Box Lockers – Six Tier high. Lockers can have flat or sloping tops, Open or closed in legs, Recessed stainless steel pocket handles or tamper proof handles.

Lockers NJ
Lockers NJ stocks the most popular types of Lockers types in Metal, Wood, Phenolic. Free Layouts.

Lock options include built in combination locks, Combo padlock, standard padlocks, Push button locks and flat key locks. Combo locks offer many benefits for any locker room, With the locks we provide control charts listing every locker # with the combination listed on the control chart. Each combination lock also includes 4 additional combination numbers, So when the users change the combination can be easily changed to the next available number. Combination and standard padlocks can be furnished with master keys for management. When the lockers are handed out, A tag is provided for the locker user detailing the locker number, the combination number and instructions in English and Spanish.  When additional lockers are needed we can provide locks that will match the master key and control charts provided to management.

Locker Room Bench NJ
Locker Room bench NJ stocked from 3′ wide to 6′ wide. Daily deliveries to NYC & NJ

Locker Room Bench #1888 (shown above) comes standard with 12 x 1-1/4” Laminated Maple and Red Oak Seats are also available. The 1888L Bench Leg Pedestals are small but sturdy versions of our industry standard arc-welded, angle iron bench legs and have 1-1/2” hard rubber, non-marring leveling glides; formed feet for bolting the locker room bench to the floor and locking swivel casters are available. Expanded metal dry grid shelf offers quick and easy storage for gym bags, shoes or anything you want to keep off the ground. Stock colors Green or Gray. Other colors upon request.

Locker Room Benches NJ
Locker Benches NJ. Maple Locker benches from 3′ wide to 12′ wide. Pedestals can be provided the same color as the lockers.

Standard Locker Room Benches shown above stocked from 3′ wide to 12′ wide with pedestals to match the colors of the lockers. Locker benches provided in laminate maple butcher block or metal. Our Complementary also includes ADA Compliant recommendations for the locker room.  Contact us today for immediate assistance. Our Locker Specialist are available Monday through Friday 7Am to 5PM. Feel free to call P(917) 701-5795 or send us your drawings or appointment request.

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