Building Access Cages

Building Access Cages. Restrict visitors from entering your facilities unattended door entrances with a Building access cage. Ideal for Warehouse, Manufacturing, Office, Schools anywhere increased security is needed.  Manufactured with high strength welded wire in six standard powder coat colors. Building access cages can significantly increase the buildings security, Cost effectively and long term.

Warehouse entrance cages NJ
Building access cages in NJ. Restrict unauthorized access at unattended entrances at your facility. Stocked in 48 standard sizes. P(917) 701-5795

Building Access Cages are stocked locally in our New Jersey 120,000 square foot distribution center. Proudly Serving the New York New Jersey Metro area since 1909. Our team provides code compliant Layouts and quotes daily.

Door access cages NJ
Building Access Door Cages in New Jersey. Secure unattended doors. Restricts unauthorized access. Stocked locally in 24 standard sizes and options. Phone (917) 701-5795

Most entrance cages have 4′ wide x 7′ high hinged doors. Manufactured with heavy duty welded wire with a powder coat color of choice. Driver entrance cages can be built to any size. from 4′ deep x 4′ wide x 7′ high to any size needed with our standard cage panels and doors. Even if your building has locked doors, Adding a building access cage will reduce the chances of an unauthorized visitor entering your building if the exterior door is left open.

Driver Cages NJ
Access cage door with interior push bars meets egress code. Free layouts and quote.

Additionally interior perimeter security cage can restrict the access by unauthorized visitors from proceeding further into your facility.

Security Cage New Jersey
Perimeter Access cage in New Jersey. Restrict access of unauthorized visitors from entering without permitted access. Free onsite layouts

Both Facility access cages and interior perimeter cages can be controlled remotely with electric strikes or mag locks. Once a visitor enters the space to gain access, Management and or security cab view the visitor via camera. The push a button from their desk to allow them to proceed. Employees can be provided with a key fob, card swipe of push button code to gain access. Doors can arrive with interior push bars for quick exit.

Stariwell Cage enclosure NJ
Stairwell Cage Enclosures in New Jersey.

Access cages AKA Driver entrance cages and perimeter cages are long term, Maintenance free, Cost effective solutions to keeping your facility safe. Contact us today for immediate assistance. or P(917) 701-5795.  Our team provides code compliant Complimentary Layouts daily. Please use the quick form in the link or contact us today for immediate assistance.

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