Cannabis Cages New Jersey –

Cannabis Cages New Jersey.  LockersUSA of New Jersey Manufactures, Design and Builds Code Compliant Cannabis Cages for the Recreational and Medical Cannabis industry.  Our experienced team provides Complimentary, Code Compliant Layouts and quotes onsite and online.

DEA Marijuana Cages New Jersey
Cannabis Cages in New Jersey. Our prefab modular panels and doors allows us to build any size cage cost effectively and code compliant. P(917) 701-5795

Our Team can also provide space saving interior cannabis storage layouts that can increase the  storage capacity by up to 50% or reduce the cage size needed with a space space and cost saving interior layout. Contact us today for immediate assistance

DEA Cannabis cages NJ
DEA Cannabis cages can be built intitally to any size needed. As your business grows our Team can retrofit the cage to the size needed and insure it passes inspection. Call today for immediate assistance. P(917) 701-5795.


Our Cannabis Cage Techs training  takes the stress out of Code Compliant Cages. Our layouts and quote provide all that is needed for  for your facility. Our team will suggest the cannabis cage is four sided with a top and self closing doors. Our install team will ensure the cage panels have no sweeps (space) and that all connecting hardware is welded so that bolts and hardware cannot be taken apart.  Doors can hinged or sliding. How product is brought into the cage will determine the door size. if inventory is transported via carts, pallets or containers. Selecting the right size door width and type is key. We suggests minimum door width of 4′ wide. If aisle space is tight, Our Tech will suggest a self closing slide door. Slide doors don’t take up aisle space that hinged doors do.

Lock options include cylinder locks, Programmable locks for up to 200 users in key fob, card swipe or push button. Mag Locks, Electric strike locks can also be included on request. Interior push bars can be preinstalled on Hinged doors on request.

Our facility also stocks DEA Compliant Cages for the Pharmaceutical industry. Our team provides either online or onsite Layouts six days a week. Contact us today or immediate assistance. Phone (917) 701-5795 or email us at

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Building Access Cages Philadelphia –

Building Access Cages Philadelphia. Secure building entrances so that unauthorized visitors cannot roam around your facility. Proudly serving Philadelphia and surrounding Pennsylvania facilities since 1909. Free Code Compliant Layouts and quote six days a week.

Delivery door access cages Philadelphia PA
Access Entrance Cages in Philadelphia. Complimentary, Code Compliant Layouts. Stocked locally. Email us for immediate assistance.

delivery entrance cages stocked with 3′ and 4′ wide hinged doors in the height needed. Lock options include cylinder locks, programmable locks in card swipe, push button and key fobs. Push bars on the interior side of the door are recommended can be preinstalled on request. Electric strikes or Mag locks can be provided to keep the door locked, It can be opened remotely with a button. Our Philadelphia Techs provide complimentary layouts daily.

Delivery Door access cages Philadelphia PA
Driver entrance cage door with push bar in Philadelphia. Stocked locally.

Building Access Cages in Philadelphia can be installed to any size needed with our prefab modular welded wire cage panels.

Dock Entrance door cages Philadelphia
Delivery Entrance Door Cages in Philadelphia. SpaceGuards driver access cages provides decades service with minimal maintenance. Free onsite layouts and quote. P(888) 963-5355 or

Typically only two welded wire cage panels and a door is required to secure the entrance. Ceiling in the same welded wire material can be added.

Driver Entrance Cage Philadelhia
Driver Entrance Cage in Philadelphia with locking delivery service window. Free layouts and quote. P(888) 963-5355

Delivery entrance access cages can also be be provided with locking service window kits with counter that allow packages to be accepted through the service window without opening doors into your facility. Our service windows come with an exterior counter to have paperwork signed.

Access Building Cages Philadelphia
Access Building Security Cage in Philadelphia PA restricts access to unauthorized visitors and secures inventory. Free code compliant layouts.

Our Philadelphia Distribution Center also stocks Welded Wire Lockers in 25 sizes.

Service Tech lockers Philadelphia
Welded Wire Lockers in Philadelphia PA. Stocked in several sizes and door configurations. Email for details and quote.

Ideal for providing secure, visual storage. Widely used by Service Techs to store their daily work orders, parts and equipment. Available in various sizes with single, double and three high stacked doors. Delivered assembled ready to use. Welded wire lockers can have a welded wire back or full height door

Service Tech Lockers Pennsylvania
Welded Wire Lockers Race Street Philadelphia. Free Layouts and quote.

for quick access and loading to each locker from the rear. Each locker and door is framed welded with a welded hasp for padlocks. Contact us today for immediate assistance.

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Security Cages Atlantic City –

Security Cages Atlantic City. Welded wire mesh storage cages in Atlantic City. Ideal for secure, visual enclosures of inventory and equipment. Widely used by Hotels, Casino’s, Restaurants and Business.  Our Atlantic City Techs provide Complimentary Storage Cages layouts six days a week. P(888) 963-5355.

Welded wire mesh cages Atlantic City NJ
Security Cages Atlantic City. Adding a security cage fence can prevent unauthorized visitors from roaming around without permission.

Manufactured with 10ga thick welded wire in rust resistant galvanized, Grey or Black in a powder coat finish. Security Cage doors available in single hinged, double hinged, Single slide and bi-parting slide doors.

Wire Mesh Cages Atlantic City
Storage Cage in Atlantic City hotel to secure F&B supplies. Free onsite layouts.

Save cost on security cages by using the rooms back and or side walls as part of the enclosure when possible. Most purchase 8′ high cages, However we can provide any size cage needed with  or without a ceiling.

Machine Guarding Fence Atlantic City NJ
Machine Guarding Safety Fence in Atlantic City. Become code compliant today, Cost effectively. Enclose moving equipment, Hazardous electrical, Motors, Pumps and Conveyors. Free onsite layout and

Our 190,000sf facility also stocks Safety Fence to enclose moving machinery, Conveyors, Electrical Equipment and Pump, motors. Keep your employee safe with Machine Guarding Safety Fence. Stocked locally, Free layouts. Email us for immediate assistance

Wire mesh cages Atlantic City NJ
Liquor Cages in Atlantic City. Free onsite layouts six days a week. P(888) 963-5355

Liquor Cages in Atlantic City are ideal for securing inventory in Restaurants, Hotels and Casino’s. Liquor cages can be made to any size needed easily with our standard cage panels and doors. Doors come standard with cylinder locks and two keys. Mag Locks and Programmable locks in push button, card swipe, key fobs can also be added on request Self closing doors help increase security. As a worker is leaving the liquor cages the door engages into the lock.

Contact us today for immediate assistance.

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