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Security Cages Connecticut. Established 1909. Welded Wire Security Cages delivered free. Complementary Layouts, Professionally installed. Manufactures and master distributors of Welded wire security cages, Tenant Storage Cages, Server Room Cages, DEA Pharmaceutical Cages, Machine Guarding safety fence.

Security Cages Connecticut
Security Cages Connecticut stocked in 8ga & 10 ga welded wire in rust resistant galvanized and 6 powder coat colors. Free layouts and delivery.

Complimentary Layouts provided six days a week from our 109,000sf facility. Manufactured in 4ga, 6ga, 8ga and 10ga welded wire and woven wire partitions. Doors stocked from 3′ wide to 12′ wide in single hinged, single slide, double hinged and double bi-parting hinged. Lock options include cylinder locks, welded hasps for padlocks, Programmable locks in push button, card swipe, key fob, Electric strikes and mag locks. Interior push bars for hinged doors, self closing doors can also be added. If you have an existing lock system we can prep the doors as needed. Security Cages Connecticut stock colors include Rust resistant galvanized, Powder coat grey, black, blue and safety yellow. Other colors on request. Cage heights to 48′ high easily achieved with our prefab modular cage panels. Security cages can be provided with ceilings in the same material and color or to the ceiling. 99% of all cages are 8′ high industry wide. Cost can be reduced by including the rooms existing back and or side walls to decrease the number of cage sides needed. If the walkway in front of the cage is narrow or has frequent foot traffic, Consider slide doors rather than having hinged doors swing in. a lot of cage space is lost with hinged doors that swing in.

Security Cage Doors Connecticut
Security Cage Doors Connecticut. Stocked locally from 3′ wide to 12′ wide. Free layouts, Professional Installations.

Our Team provides Complimentary Layouts six days a week. Feel free to use the form in the link above or email us at 

Security Cages Connecticut
Security Cage Connecticut. Utilize existing back and or side walls to create additional secure storage space. Free Layouts.

Security Cages in Connecticut can generate good revenue. If your space has under utilized space, Consider adding security cages for vendors and contractors to store their supplies and equipment. Storage Cages in Connecticut with an average size of 8′ wide x 10′ d x 8′ high can generate $450.00 per month in revenue. Buildings with 10 cages can generate $64,800.00 per year in revenue. The ROI averages 7-8 months on average.  Contact us today for immediate assistance. P(888) 963-5355 or

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Tenant Storage Cages Stamford

Tenant Storage Cages Stamford. Complimentary Layouts, Stocked Locally, Generates Excellent Revenue, Lowest cost, Lifetime Warranty. Tenant Storage Cages in Stamford for Condo’s, Apartment Buildings and Business Storage. Manufactured with 4ga steel in durable galvanized or 5 powder coat colors.  Stocked in 3 standard configurations Single Tier – Walk in, Double Tier Stacked and Custom sizes, Built with in stock modular panels and doors.  LockersUSA Connecticut team provides complimentary layouts, Professional Installations and the only lifetime warranty in the business. The type of tenant storage cage is usually determined by the amount of space in the storage room and the number of units in the building. A mix of types, Single tier, Double tier and Custom units can be included in the layout based on your buildings needs.

Tenant Storage Lockers Stamford Ct
Tenant Storage Cages in Stamford generate good revenue. Free layouts, Quick delivery, Lowest overall cost. Lifetime Warranty.

Each Tenant Storage Cage comes standard with Full height lock bars, Welded hasps for padlocks and a hinged door 3′ wide or 4′ wide.  Tops, Bottom shelves and backs can be added to each unit. Most buildings attach the cages directly to the buildings walls and floors. Center aisle cages do need backs, In the same material.

Tenant Storage Cages CT
Two Tier Tenant Storage Cages stocked locally in 6 standard sizes. Two tier is widely used. Maximizes the smallest footprint. Free layouts.

Tenant Storage Cages Generate Excellent Revenue. Today most builders charge a monthly rental fee for on site tenant storage. In the Stamford area The monthly rental fee for tenant storage ranges from $50.00 to @50.00 per month depending on the size. A building with 50 tenant storage cages renting out for $100.00 per month average will generate $60,000. 00 per year in revenue. The tenant storage cages normally pay for them selves in 7-8 months on average.

Insist on 4ga welded wire tenant storage cages. Double the thickness of 10ga. Increased security at no extra cost. Lifetime Warranty.

LockersUSA’s Tenant Storage cages are manufactured with 4ga welded wire, Which is double the welded wire thickness of other brands, Providing increased security for less money than 10ga.

Contact us today for immediate assistance. Our Connecticut team is available to provide Complimentary code compliant layouts, Quotations and Product selection assistance. or P(888) 963-5355.

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