Security Cages Atlantic City –

Security Cages Atlantic City. Welded wire mesh storage cages in Atlantic City. Ideal for secure, visual enclosures of inventory and equipment. Widely used by Hotels, Casino’s, Restaurants and Business.  Our Atlantic City Techs provide Complimentary Storage Cages layouts six days a week. P(888) 963-5355.

Welded wire mesh cages Atlantic City NJ
Security Cages Atlantic City. Adding a security cage fence can prevent unauthorized visitors from roaming around without permission.

Manufactured with 10ga thick welded wire in rust resistant galvanized, Grey or Black in a powder coat finish. Security Cage doors available in single hinged, double hinged, Single slide and bi-parting slide doors.

Wire Mesh Cages Atlantic City
Storage Cage in Atlantic City hotel to secure F&B supplies. Free onsite layouts.

Save cost on security cages by using the rooms back and or side walls as part of the enclosure when possible. Most purchase 8′ high cages, However we can provide any size cage needed with  or without a ceiling.

Machine Guarding Fence Atlantic City NJ
Machine Guarding Safety Fence in Atlantic City. Become code compliant today, Cost effectively. Enclose moving equipment, Hazardous electrical, Motors, Pumps and Conveyors. Free onsite layout and

Our 190,000sf facility also stocks Safety Fence to enclose moving machinery, Conveyors, Electrical Equipment and Pump, motors. Keep your employee safe with Machine Guarding Safety Fence. Stocked locally, Free layouts. Email us for immediate assistance

Wire mesh cages Atlantic City NJ
Liquor Cages in Atlantic City. Free onsite layouts six days a week. P(888) 963-5355

Liquor Cages in Atlantic City are ideal for securing inventory in Restaurants, Hotels and Casino’s. Liquor cages can be made to any size needed easily with our standard cage panels and doors. Doors come standard with cylinder locks and two keys. Mag Locks and Programmable locks in push button, card swipe, key fobs can also be added on request Self closing doors help increase security. As a worker is leaving the liquor cages the door engages into the lock.

Contact us today for immediate assistance.

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Storage Cages Atlantic City –

Storage Cages Atlantic City. Proudly serving New Jersey since 1909. Manufactures and Distributors of welded wire storage cages.  Manufactured with 8ga thick welded wire, woven wire or expanded metal in rust resistant galvanized, black, gray, blue or safety yellow.

Security Cage Atlantic City NJ
Secure inventory with welded wire security cages. Complimentary layouts, Professionally installed, 5 year warranty. Free deliveries in NJ & Philadelphia. Stocked in New Jersey.

Doors for our security cages stocked from 3′ wide to 12′ wide in single hinged, double hinged, single slide and bi-parting slide doors. Lock options include cylinder locks, welded hasps for padlocks, Programmable locks in push button, card swipe or key fobs. We can also prep the doors for your lock systems. Additionally electric strike locks, magnetic locks, Auto door closers for both hinged or slide can be included. Electric strike and Mag locks can be opened remotely from the managers or security’s desk.

Welded wire security cage NJ
Security Cages in Atlantic City stocked in 3 standard colors with slide or hinged doors.

Storage cages can be built quickly with our modular stacking panels to 48′ high. Most cages today are 8′ high with or without ceilings in the same material and color.  Locking Service windows can be installed in existing cages or new cages. Idea for accepting deliveries or handing out inventory. The exterior side of the service window has a counter to stage- slide boxes in or out of the cage or to sign paperwork. Costs can be reduced on storage cages by including the rooms rear and or side walls. Our New Jersey facility provides Complimentary Storage Cage Layouts. Feel free to use the quick form in the link above or email us for immediate assistance.

Security Cage Atlantic City
Prevent unauthorized access with welded wire security cages. Complimentary Layouts, Professional installations, Free delivery.

In addition to Storage Cages our 109,000sf facility also stocks Tenant Storage Cages, DEA Pharmaceutical Cages, Machine Guarding Safety fence to enclose moving machinery, Equipment and Conveyors. Our Tenant Storage Cages provide several unique features and benefits at the lowest overall cost. With the industries only 5 year warranty. Manufactured with 4ga thick welded wire which is more than double the thickness of 10ga thick. Each door has the industries only full height anti-theft lock bars with welded hasps for padlocks.

Tenant Storage Cage Atlantic City New Jersey
Tenant Storage Cages stocked in NJ in single tier – full height and two tier – stacked doors. 34 standard sizes available. Complimentary layouts, Generates excellent revenue. Free delivery.

Tenant Storage Cages in New Jersey generate excellent revenue. Today most residential buildings charge a monthly rental fee averaging $125.00 to $350.00 per month per cage depending on the size. A room with 45 cages renting outfor $125.00 per cage will generate $67,500.00 per year in revenue. The return on investment averages 7-8 months. Contact is today for immediate assistance. We look forward to being of service.

Security Cages delivered daily in New Jersey and Philadelphia.