Security Cages SOHO –

Security Cages SOHO. Howard St NYC. Storage cages, Inventory Cages, Loss Prevention Cages in stock. Proudly serving NYC since 1909. Complimentary Layouts, Professional Installations, FREE DELIVERY. Secure inventory, Create walls with welded wire security cages. Manufactured with welded wire 8ga galvanized steel with all welded wire mesh grid openings.

Security Cages SOHO
Security Cages SOHO. Stocked in 48 sizes. Free layouts, Protects inventory. P(917) 701-5795

Also stocked in medium gloss black and gray. Doors stocked in hinged or sliding from 3′ wide to 10′ wide. Sliding doors are recommended if aisle space is tight. Our modular stacking cage panels allows us to create storage cages cost effectively. Save on security cages by incorporating the rooms back and or side walls to reduce the number of sides or backs needed. Our SOHO NYC office provides Complimentary Layouts either online or on site. Feel free to use the form in the link above or email us for immediate assistance.

Security Cages SOHO 10012
Security Cages SOHO. Stocked locally, Free layouts and delivery. Professional Installations. P(917) 701-5795

Security Cages SOHO stocks doors with welded hasps for padlocks, cylinder locks, push button locks, card swipe or we can prep the door to your lock system. Additionally interior push bars, electric strike locks, magnetic locks can also be included. Cages can go as high as 48′. most NYC cages are 7-8′ high with or without ceilings in the same material and color. Security cages are ideal to secure inventory. Providing visual secure storage without the need for additional lighting, HVAC or sprinklers. Contact us today for immediate assistance P(917) 701-5795 our SOHO office is open Monday – Saturday 7AM – 7PM.

Security Cages Howard St NYC 10013
Security Cages Howard Street NY 10013

Also stocked in our facility is shelving and pallet rack in 5 powder coat colors.

Steel Shelving NYC 10012
Steel Shelving SOHO NYC 10012. Stocked in 5 colors and 12 sizes. Free layouts and delivery.

Our team provides shelving and rack space saving layouts daily.


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34 Howard Street NYC 10013

Wire Partition Security Cages NYC –

Wire Partition Security Cages NYC. Complimentary layouts, Stocked in Manhattan, Fast Quotes, Professional Installations. Proudly Serving the NYC Metro area since 1909. Wire mesh security cages widely used to secure inventory, Prevent unauthorized access, Enclose Server Cages, Tenant Storage, Machine Guarding Safety Fence, Robotic Guarding cage and Tool and Equipment cages,

Wire Partition Security Cages NYC
Wire Partition Security Cages NYC. Stocked in NYC. Free layouts, Fast quotes, Lowest Cost, Lifetime warranty.

Manufactured with framed 6, 8 or 10ga welded wire mesh in durable, rust resistant galvanized and 5 powder coat colors. Doors stocked from single hinged,

Wire Partition Security Cages NYC
Wire Partition Security Cages NYC. Ideal for securing inventory and preventing unauthorized access.

Single slide, Double Hinged, Bi Parting double Slides from 6′ high to 8’h and higher when needed. Lock options include welded hasps for padlocks, cylinder locks, Push button, Card swipe or with interchangeable cores to match your system. techs provide complimentary layouts six day a week. Either online or on site. Feel free to use the form in the link above.  Our techs make it easy, We can be reached on the phone from 6AM to 8PM Monday through Saturday or via email

Wire Partition Security Cages NYC provides cost saving tips. If we can attach the new cage to back and or the rooms existing walls we can reduce the amount of Security cage needed. Instead of buying a 4 sided cage, Incorporating the rooms back wall will reduce the cage from a four sided cage to a 3 sided cage.

Wire Partition Security Cages NYC stocks cage heights from 6’h, 7’h 90″ h up to 28′ high easily with our prefab modular welded wire stacking panel system.’s Server Cages are stocked in NYC. Server cages can range from just a welded wire door at the entrance of a room with your server cage or enclosing a corner of the room with a 2 sided cage to four sided server – data room cages, any size from floor to ceiling or above the drop ceiling and below the access floor. Contact us today for immediate assistance.



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Loss Prevention Cages – Cabinets NYC

Loss Prevention Cages – Cabinets NYC. Lock up valuable inventory with secure visual all welded cages and cabinets. Ideal for Retail, Hotels, Restaurants, Business, Medical, Education. Our cabinets and cages can have adjustable shelves, coat rod hang bars or both. Available in 4 standard powder coat colors or galvanized with steel encased cylinder locks or welded hasps.

Security Cages Madison Ave NYC
Security Cabinets installed on Madison Ave NYC. Prevents theft of valuable inventory. All welded, Available in 6 colors. Free on site layouts.

Standard sizes range from 3′-6′ wide x 18″ to 4’D. Cages can be built any size with our modular design cost effectively. LockersUSA is located in NYC with over 30 years experience as fabricators and installers of Security Cages, Data Room Cages, DEA Pharmaceutical cages and Tenant Storage Lockers. LockersUSA provides complimentary on site layouts, professional installations and 5 year warranties at the lowest overall cost. Cost savings can be seen when buying security cages if your cage can be put against a back wall and or side wall, Then instead of buying a 4 sided cage the cost would be much less with a 3 sided or 2 sided cage depending on how many common walls the cage can be attached to.  Loss prevention cages and cabinets are used widely in NYC at Hotels for inventory and customers luggage etc. Retailers use our cabinets and cages for electronics, pocketbooks, shoes, jewelry, etc. Hospitality uses our cages and cabinets for liquor and dry goods storage. Welded wire cages not only provide secure storage, It permits existing light and temperature controls inside the cages without additional costs. Welded wire tops can also be added or solid tops.

Dispatch Lockers 3 tier
Ideal for tenant storage, equipment, Retail secure storage or employee dispatch lockers. Available in several stock sizes. P(917) 837-0032

Contact LockersUSA today for immediate assistance. P(917)837-0032 or email us


Loss Prevention Cages Cabinets New York City.