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DEA Cages NYC. OCM & DEA Compliant Cannabis & Pharmaceutical Storage Cages in New York City. We are old school and Legacy. we will be the first call you make that doesn’t price gouge you because you’ve told us your a dispensary, cultivator, delivery, ETC. We have installed hundreds of cages, Most word of mouth. We’ve known that by treating customers fairly, With top service, The best warranty and price available. You will become our next reference. Email now Our well trained techs provide OCM & DEA complementary code compliant layouts and quotes daily. Not sure whats required ? Our cannabis storage cage Techs take the stress out of becoming compliant. The good news is when selecting LockersUSA of NY, You will receive the storage cage needed at the lowest overall cost. When you shop online you see the cage cost and not the delivery and inside delivery with installation in the cost shown. LockersUSA stocks our OCM & DEA cages locally in our 120,000sf facility. We deliver throughout NY free.

Cannabis Cage OCM approved NYC
DEA Cannabis Cages NYC. OCM & DEA compliant storage cages in NYC. Free layouts and quote online or onsite (917) 701-5795

How to become OCM & DEA Cannabis storage cage compliant the first inspection. Contact us for a quick free consultation. You will need a four sided storage cage with ceiling in frame welded 10ga thick woven wire. Doors can be hinged or sliding, self closing and self locking. With a steel encased cylinder lock ot programmable tracking locks in push button, key fob, card swipe or electric strike. All cage panels must have no sweep space. We provide anti-theft hardware and spot weld all anchors for secure compliant storage.

Cannabis Cage Service window NY
Cannabis Cage service window and dutch doors stocked in NY. Code compliant P(917) 701-5795

To limit access inside the cage and speed up dispensing product or receiving inventory we also stock Locking Slide service windows with counters and or Dutch Doors.

Our Team provides Complementary Code Compliant Layouts. Please use the quick form in the link above or contact us for immediate assistance.

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