Tenant Storage Lockers 3 Tier

Tenant Storage Lockers 3 tier. Ideal for tenant storage, employee dispatch lockers, hotel and restaurants and equipment or retail inventory. Made with 4ga galvanized steel with all welded grid openings. Each locker comes with  welded hasp, full height anti theft lock bars. Backs or rear doors can also be added depending on your application. Our 3 tier lockers can be delivered assembled or built on site by our installers or your staff.

Dispatch Lockers 3 tier
Ideal for tenant storage, equipment, Retail secure storage or employee dispatch lockers. Available in several stock sizes. P(917) 837-0032

Our 3 tier lockers are stocked in 90″ high and 79-1/2″ high in galvanized or powder coat gray. We also stock them in single tier (walk in) or two tier (stacked).

Save money on 3 tier tenant storage lockers by asking for starters and add on units. Starter units have two side partitions, Each row is started with a starter unit, The rest of the row can be built with a ad on unit that connects to the starter. Add on units only have one side partition, By using common sides, Savings add up quickly.

LockersUSA provides complimentary on site layouts, Quick deliveries, Installation. Contact us for immediate assistance. P(917)837-0032 or email us Sales@LockersUSA.com


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