Security Cages Madison Ave NYC

Security Cages Madison Ave NYC. Welded wire security cages prevents loss of valuable inventory for retail stores, Restaurants, Hotels,  business, medical and schools. Made with heavy duty framing and welded wire. Available with welded hasp or cylinder lock. The cages are stocked in NYC in widths from 3′ wide to 8′ wide x 18″ to 4′ deep. Larger size cages can also be made with hinged or sliding doors.  If you need to secure electronics, pocketbooks, shoes, inventory this welded wire cage is ideal. The welded wire grids are 1/4″ thick. The cages have adjustable height shelves that are easy to change heights with. Available with or without backs for added security.

Security Cabinets Cages Madison Ave NYC
Security Cages installed on Madison Ave NYC. Prevents theft of valuable inventory. All welded, Available in 6 colors. Free on site layouts.


Welded wire cages are typically made in 10 gauge. LockersUSA’s Security cages and cabinets are 4 gauge which is more that double the welded wire thickness of other sources adding increase security at a lower price.  See the comparison below.

welded wire partition cages NYC
LockersUSA welded wire is 4ga compared to all others at 10ga. When buying storage cages ask how thick the welded wire is. stock 4ga welded wire, More than twice the thickness. The good news is your getting more for less. Our cages cost much less than others. Better quality, Lifetime Warranty. P(917)837-0032


LockersUSA located ion the Upper Eastside also stocks hinged and slide doors if you have the need to enclose a closet or room and want to see what’s in the storage space while maintaining temperature and lighting without extra costs.

Welded cage hinged doors NYC
Welded Wire Doors Hinged installed on Madison Ave NYC, 4ga galvanized steel with all welded grid openings. Headers and Posts made with 2×2 x height needed with 2×6 welded footplates. Free layout assistance.

LockersUSA provides complimentary on site layouts, Professional installations and the best warranty in the business. Contact us today for immediate service.

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