Liquor Cages and Lockers for NYC Restaurants and Hotels

NYC Restaurant Lockers and Liquor Cages. Ideal for Restaurants and Hotels. Based in NYC. Buy Local and Save. Call for Volume Discounts P(917) 701-5795

Locker Prices Assembled below. Arrives in 5 business days. Lifetime Warranty
1 Tier Lockers 12” Wide x 18”D x 78” H $135.88ea
2 Tier Lockers 12” x 15 x 72” $169.88ea
6 Tier Box Lockers 12”w x 15” deep x 78”H $195.00ea
16 Person Lockers 68”H x 18”D x 78”H $588.00ea
Plus low delivery charge. Email or call with quantity needed and address for shipping rate. Contact us for Volume Discounts or Layout assistance. or Call 7 days a week 7AM to 7PM  P(917)701-5795                                                                                                                                                                    Liquor Cages. don’t lose your liquor. Invest in Liquor Lockers
Liquor Cages 4’w x 4’D x 90″H $798.00. P(917)701-5795 Liquor Cages. 4’W x 4’D x 90″H $798.00 each Stacked with middle shelf and 2 doors. Each door has anti theft lock bar and welded hasp for your lock. email us

Need a different size let us know. Full size cages in stock for Liquor and Dry goods Inventory

Stop Pilferage with Liquor and Dry goods cages. We can build any size cage. Free layouts Need a larger Liquor Cage. Our modular design will save you costs. or call us P(917) 701-5795

Liquor Cages stop thefts for NYC Restaurants and Hotels | Liquor Cages in NYC

Liquor Cages help Restaurants and Hotels inventory secured. Equiptalls Galvanized All Welded Steel Cages provide a cost effective, Secure, Visible Solution. Equiptall provides complimentary layouts, professional installations and Lifetime Warranty.

Liquor Cages stocked in NYC. Equiptall all weded galvanized steel Doors and Cages provide secure, visual
storage solutions. Show above with our standard steel encased cylinder lock.
Free onsite layouts

Liquor Cages can be installed anywhere in the backroom for
secure, visual storage. All Welded 4ga galvanized. Widely used
in Numerous Hotels and Restaurants in NYC.

Equiptall also stocks used Liquor Cages

Save money when buying liquor cages, if we can
install the cage against your back wall and or side walls
less cage will be needed. Free on site layouts

Liquor and Dry goods security cages in stock in NYC

Equiptall stocks 2 tier Liquor cages to keep your
inventory separate when needed. Free onsite layouts

Equiptalls Liquor & Drygoods Cages can be made to any size or height
from standard sized panels and doors. Free on site layouts.

Equiptall Security Cages
Liquor Cages in NYC Neighborhoods served West Village 10014, Tribeca 10013, Union Square 10003, Chelsea 10011, UES 10065, Upper Eastside 10065, Yorkville 10128, Madison Ave 10028, LES 10002, Seaport 10004, Midtown West 10001, Hells Kitchen 10036
 Soho 10012, Midtown East 10016, 10017, East Harlem 10029, 10035, UWS 10023, 10024, 10025, 10027, 10031,

NYC Liquor Cages| Liquor Cages in stock at in NYC

Liquor Cages are essential to protect inventory in Restaurants, Clubs and Hotels. LockersUSA located in Manhattan provides free on-site layouts, quote, professionally installed and free delivery.

LockersUSA of NYC stocks all size cages. Free on-site layouts, free delivery
and Lifetime Warranty. Contact us now for immediate assistance.
Used Liquor Cages in stock

Security Cages in stock at with and without casters.

Lockers in Stock in NYC, Free on-site layouts, Free Delivery, Lifetime Warranty
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Liquor Cages in NYC
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