Cannabis Storage Cages Harlem – OCM Compliant

Cannabis Storage Cages Harlem. OCM Compliant Cannabis Storage Cages.  Complimentary OCM code compliant cannabis storage cage layouts in Harlem and the five Boroughs.  Not sure what is required ? Contact us now. We take the stress out of becoming code compliant. Local inventory means quick delivery and install without expensive freight charges . P(917) 701-5795.

Cannabis Storage Cage NYC
Cannabis Storage Cage Harlem. OCM Compliant Cannabis Storage Cages stocked locally. We can make any size cage or shape from our standard OCM panels. Call now for immediate assistance. Free OCM compliant Layout and quote.

Founded in 1909 our company. For decades we have been providing and installing DEA cages for the pharmaceutical industry. When the cannabis industry opened, It became an natural move forward to the cannabis industry. We take great pride that all of our DEA and OCM designs and installations have been approved the first inspection.  NYOCM compliant cages and DEA cages have very similar requirements.

Cannabis Cage Service Window NYC
Cannabis service window NYOCM Compliant. Locking service window with counter. P(917) 701-5795

Service windows with counter help limit the number of people in the cage. Locks closed when not in use. OCM & DEA compliant.

Cannabis Cage OCM Compliant NY
Cannabis Cage W 125th St Harlem. Free OCM Compliant layout & quote.

Our 190,000 square foot facility stocks OCM 10ga thick woven wire cages and doors. Doors can be hinged or slide. Sliding doors are space savers. Hinged doors require aisle space to swing into and be egress compliant. Programmable locks can also be added to our stock doors in push button, card swipe, mag locks or electric strikes.

Our techs will give you the OCM compliant cage needed at the lowest overall cost and best warranty in the industry.

Contact us today for immediate assistance, Our office is open Monday through Saturday 7AM – 7PM. P(917) 701-5795 or

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