Tenant Storage Cages NYC, How to Generate Revenue.

Tenant Storage Cages NYC,  How to Generate Revenue. Tenant Storage cages in New York City is a revenue generator and an amenity.  When purchased from LockersUSA its a low cost investment, Long term revenue generator with a Long term warranty. Free onsite layout and revenue generating information. P(917)837-0032.

Tenant Storage Lockers NYC
Tenant Storage Cages NYC. Free onsite layouts and revenue generating information. P(917)837-0032

LockersUSA.com based in NYC proudly serves the 5 boroughs daily. Our Tenant Storage Cages are manufactured with sturdy 4ga galvanized steel. With all welded grid openings, Full height lock bars and welded hasps. Stocked in single tier – walk in type and two tier stacked in 16 standard sizes. LockersUSA also stocks used tenant storage cages with a 5 year warranty with savings up to 70%.

Generating Revenue is simple and long term with LockersUSA.com if your building has 20 tenant storage cages and they are rented out at $90.00 per month. The Tenant storage cages would generate $21,600.00 per year in maintenance free revenue. The ROI (return on investment would be less than 9 months. Our experienced rep will provide you with information of what other buildings in your neighborhood charge for tenant storage to help you decide what rate is best for all residents.

The size and type of tenant storage cage is usually dictated by the number of residential units and space available for the tenant storage. Our experienced Reps will be happy to help you maximize your space cost effectively and within code.  Contact us today for additional information or a complimentary onsite layout. Sales@LockersUSA.com or 917 837-0032

Tenant Storage Cages NYC.