Metal Shelving Elizabeth

Metal Shelving Elizabeth. Industrial Quality Shelving in Elizabeth , Complimentary Layouts, Lowest Cost, Lifetime Warranty. Ships Today. 5 Free colors.  Ideal for Warehouse, 3PL, Transit Facilities,  Education, Legal, , Medical, Archive Files. Steel Shelving Elizabeth stocks 20ga shelves rated at 650 pounds per shelf. No nuts or bolts. Fully  adjustable. Shelving can be delivered with open backs and sides with cross bracing or Closed in backs and sides. Stocked sizes: widths  36″ 42″, 48″.  Depths from  12″, 18″, 24″ and 48″. Heights up to 12′. Contact us now, We will help you select the best option at the lowest cost.

Steel Shelving Elizabeth
Metal Shelving Elizabeth. also known as steel shelving. Stocked locally, Free layouts, Quick delivery and installation.

For wider runs consider bulk rack (shown below), Bulk rack is for hand loading boxes and inventory, Widths up to 12′ wide with weight capacities up to 1,789 pound distributed evenly. Bulk Rack can have solid metal shelves or wire deck.

Steel Rack Elizabeth
When Hand Loading boxes, Bulk Rack shown above holds more than shelving. Available 12′ wide requiring less upright posts. Free on site layouts. P(917) 701-5795

Bulk Rack designed for hand loading. Wide spans allow for more inventory to be stored. Ideal for storing various sizes boxes. beams to 12′ wide. depths from 24″ to 48″, Heights to 20′. Free on site layouts. . Bulk rack is a great cost saver compared to Pallet Rack, If your not using a fork lift to load the levels consider Bulk Rack its 40% less expensive.  LockersUSA also stocks Pallet Racking in  Elizabeth NJ.  Metal Shelving  Elizabeth’s inventory also includes wire decks and solid decks. Metal Shelving  can be set up to your specific needs. Rods can be added to store product samples as shown below

Steel Shelving for show rooms and storage available with hand rods for samples. Free layouts.

  When space is at a premium, Adding drawers to your shelving units will double storage space. One unit of shelving with drawers holds the same as 4-5 units of open shelving. Drawers can be installed with drawer heights from 3: high to 12″ High. We can also install drawers in most shelving units you may now be using.

Max your space. 1 unit of shelving with modular drawers can hold as much as 4-5 units of open shelving. Drawer heights from 3″ High to 12″ high. Free layouts, Quick delivery.

Contact us now for immediate assistance. or give us a call. P(917) 701-5795 . Our distribution centers are open 7:00 AM to 5PM Monday – Friday and Saturday 7AM – 1PM.

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