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NYC Tenant Storage Cages. Proudly serving Manhattan since 1909. Manufacture,  Stocking Distributor and Factory Authorized Installations of tenant storage cages and wall mount bike racks in the 5 Boroughs.

Tenant Stoage Lockers NYC
New York City Tenant Storage Cages. Stocked locally in 48 standard sizes. Generates good revenue. P(017) 701-5795

Thanks to robotic manufacturing we are able to provide superior products at the lowest overall cost. Our Tenant storage cages are manufactured with 4ga (approx 1/4″) thick framed welded wire. 4ga thick welded wire is more than double the 10ga thick welded wire provided by other brands. Substantially increasing security at a lower cost to others. Thanks to manufacturing automation.  Available in rust resistant galvanized, gray and black. Industry wide NYC Tenant storage cages can be either single tier – full height or double tier – Stacked doors. Both are extremely popular.

Storage Cages NY
NYC Tenant Storage Cages also available in two tier as shown above. 24 standard sizes in Manhattan. P (9170 701-5795

Doors stocked in 3′ wide and 4′ wide. Each door has the industries only full height anti-theft lock bar and welded hasp for residents padlock.  Most buildings have the storage cages attached directly to the rooms walls and floors. Backs, tops, floors can be included on request. Cages off the wall come with backs.

Basement Cages NYC
NYC Tenant Storage Cages installed with backs.

NYC Tenant Storage Cages generate excellent revenue. Today most residential buildings charge a monthly fee for each cage. Rental rates range from $65.00 to $350.00 per month, Depending on the size. A storage room with 50 cages renting out at $75.00 per month on average will generate $45,000.00 per in revenue. Standard size storage cages pay for themselves in one year on average. (ROI).

Our NYC office provides Complimentary Tenant Storage Cages Layouts six days a week. Please use the quick form in the link above or email us for immediate assistance.

wall mount bike racks NY
Wall Mount Bike Racks NYC. Our #1888 can be installed on 24″ centers or 12″ centers. Locking, Easy to use. Over 20,000 installed to date. Free Bike Room Layouts

Our NYC facility also stocks wall mount bike racks. Designed by our bike room techs to be space efficient, Easy to use, Locking. Built for long term use.  Our team provides complimentary bike room layouts. Contact us for immediate assistance.

Tenant Storage Cages NYC Brooklyn Queens Bronx

Tenant Storage Cages NYC Brooklyn Queens Bronx  generate excellent revenue in all 5 NYC Boroughs. Stocked locally, Lowest overall cost, Lifetime Warranty. Complimentary layouts. Proudly serving the Metro area since 1909. Manufactured with 4 guage welded wire in rust resistant galvanized or powder coat medium gloss black or gray. (4ga is double the welded wire thickness of all other brands, Providing increased security). Each Tenant Storage Cage comes with full height anti theft lock bars, Welded padlock hasps, # tags.

Tenant Storage Cages NYC Brooklyn Queens Bronx
Tenant Storage Cages NYC Brooklyn Queens Bronx & Staten Island. Free layouts, daily deliveries, Lowest cost, Lifetime Warranty.

Tenant Storage Cages NYC Brooklyn Queens Bronx and Staten Island Generate excellent revenue. Once considered an amenity to attract residents, Tenant Storage Lockers are now rented out by most developers, Landlords, Apartment Buildings, Co-op and Condo boards. Rental rates range depending on the size and neighborhood from $65.00 per month to $300.00 per month. A residential building with 60 tenant storage cages renting out on average for $100.00 per month will generate $72,000.00 per year in revenue. The ROI (return on investment) is 7-8 months on average. Combined with the lowest overall cost with the industries only Lifetime warranty, tenant storage cages are a extremely sound investment.  Contact us today for specific rental rate information based on your neighborhood. On a larger scale new developments sell tenant storage cages. Recently in Brooklyn tenant storage cages were sold for $10,000.00. A few years ago Tenant Storage cages sold for over $300,000.00 in Tribeca.

Tenant Storage Cages NYC Brooklyn Queens Bronx
Tenant Storage Cages NYC Brooklyn Queens Bronx. Stocked in 6’h, 7’h, 90″ and 8’H in powder coat black, gray and rust resistant galvanized. P(917) 701-5795.

Stocked in New York City in the industries standard sizes in three types Single tier – walkin, Double Tier – Stacked and larger cages up to 24′ wide x 24′ deep.

Tenant Storage Cages NYC Brooklyn Queens Bronx
Tenant Storage Cages NYC Brooklyn Queens Bronx. Two tier storage cages shown above max the smallest footprint. Stocked in 12 sizes. Free layouts. P(917) 701-5795

Tenant Storage cages typically attach directly to the rooms floors and walls, Backs, Tops, Floors, shelves can be also delivered and installed upon request. Units of the wall come with backs. Contact us today for a Complimentary Code Compliant Layout, Quotation or Information. Our office is open 7 Days a week. Feel free to use the above link or email or P(917) 701-5795 Monday through Friday 6AM to 8PM, Saturdays and Sunday 7AM-3PM.

Tenant Storage Cages NYC Brooklyn Queens Bronx, Tenant Storage Lockers, Tenant Storage NYC. Tenant Storage Cages delivered daily to NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, New York.

Tenant Storage Cages Generate Revenue NYC. Free Revenue Generating Guide

Tenant Storage Cages Generate Revenue NYC . A good way to generate revenue for you residential building is to add tenant storage cages for residents in your basement or common area. By charging a rental fee for on site storage the revenue generated helps off set other rising costs. Tenant Storage lockers come in two types single tier – full size and double tier stacked.

tenant storage cages
Tenant Storage Lockers NYC | P(917)837-0032 | email:


Deciding which one to use is based on the size of the tenant storage room and the number of tenants. Some buildings provide a mix of both.  The average rental in NYC for tenant storage is $125.00 per month, if the building has 40 units the building would generate $60,000.00 in maintenance free revenue. The lockers typically pay for themselves in about 8 months.

When shopping Tenant Storage lockers, look for companies that stock tenant storage lockers.  Visit actual installations in your location aside from comparing overall cost and  warranties.  Reputable companies will provide complimentary on site layouts.  And ask for 4ga welded wire lockers that are twice the thickness of 10ga lockers as  shown in table below.

Tenant Storage Cages NYC
Ask for 4ga welded wire tenant storage lockers. The welded wire is twice as thick compared to the old style 10ga woven wire lockers. Today 4ga costs less and has a better warranty. P(917)837-0032

LockersUSA is based in NYC our all galvanized steel 4ga lockers comes with full height lock bars, welded hasps or cylinder locks and a 5 year warranty on the lockers and labor.  Our team provides complimentary on site layouts and quick quotes. Take advantage of this service. Our technicians provide space saving, user friendly and cost effective layouts.

Feel free to contact us today for immediate assistance. P(917)837-0032 or

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