Metal Shelving Wall Twp NJ

Metal Shelving Wall Twp NJ. Industrial Shelving in Wall Twp. Complimentary Layouts, Lowest overall cost, Lifetime Warranty. 20ga metal shelving in Wall Twp is rated to hold 650 pounds per shelf and more when needed. Clip type, Shelves easy to adjust on 1-1/2″ centers.  5 quick ship colors.  Metal Shelving Wall Twp NJ can be supplied with dividers, Drawers, Full size or Half Size locking doors for secure storage.

Steel Shelving Wall Twp NJ
Metal shelving, Stocked locally 36″, 42″, 48″ up to 16′ high with closed in backs & sides or with X bracing. Free layouts. P(917) 701-5795 or


Drawers can be added to new or existing shelving from 3″ high, to 12″ high drawers. Adding modular drawers to shelving units maximizes space. 1 unit of shelving with drawers can hold as much as 4-5 units of shelving.  Locks, Dividers and partitions can be added to the drawer to create compartments.

Metal Shelving NJ
Metal shelving with modular drawers installed in Wall Twp facility. Free on site layouts.

Metal Shelving Wall Twp NJ comes in 5 standard complimentary colors. provides complimentary on site layouts, Professional installations and lifetime warranties at the lowest overall cost.

Metal Shelving in Wall Twp in Bright white.

Bulk Rack provides wider widths  to maximize space. Ideal for bulky boxes, Used in Hand loading of inventory. Stocked with beams from 4′ wide to 12′ wide to 16′ high, steel or wire decks can be installed.

Bulk Rack installed in Wall Twp. Holds up to 4350 pounds per level. Free onsite layouts.

Bulk rack can hold up to 4350 pounds and is much less expensive than Pallet Rack. When loading beams with fork trucks our Pallet Racking is the best choice. Tear drop type pallet rack is ideal and the most popular type pallet rack on the market. Racking  is delivered daily throughout New Jersey.

New Pallet Racking in Wall Twp. Lowest overall cost. Quick deliveries and installation. P(917) 701-5795

Our rack specialists can help you create a space saving,  code compliant layout. Contact us today for immediate assistance.

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