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Metal Lockers Manhattan. Buy Local and Save on today’s expensive Freight. Serving NYC since 1909. Quick delivery on Metal, Wood, HPDE and Laminate Lockers. Complimentary Layouts, Professional Installations, Free Locker delivery in the 5 boroughs. Contact us now for immediate assistance.

Metal Lockers NYC
Metal Lockers Manhattan. Complimentary Locker Layouts, Lowest overall cost, Lifetime Warranty. P(917) 701-5795

Below is the most popular Metal Lockers in Manhattan types. Quick delivery colors Putty, Grey and Blue. with 12 additional powder coat colors available at no charge.

Steel Lockers NY
Metal Lockers NYC. Above shows today’s most popular locker types purchased in NYC. Need assistance call now P(917) 701-5795

Lockers can be delivered assembled on request. Slope tops, Closed in legs, End finishing panels and filler panels can be included on request. Our NYC office can recommend ADA Locker guidelines. Our 195,000 square floor NYC distribution facility also stocks locker room benches from 3′ wide to 12′ wide in laminate butcher block with metal pedestals and all aluminum benches.

Metal Lokers Manhattan
Metal Lockers Manhattan, installed on Christopher St. NYC

Welded Wire Lockers provide secure visual storage. Ideal for service techs. Shown below. Available in several sizes. Delivered assembled ready to use.

Welded Wire Lockers
Welded Wire Lockers NYC. I deal for service tech. Frame welded wire mesh lockers. Available with full height rear door for quick loading of service techs daily service calls. Email for immediate assistance.

Material can be loaded from the rear of the lockers with a full height rear access door to load the service techs equipment and tools. Stocked in single tier, Double tier and 3 tier. Our welded framed mesh provides long life. Each door has a welded padlock for padlocks. Locks can be order with combination #’s or padlocks keyed different with master keys for management.

Welded wire lockers installed in NYC Telecom company. P(917) 701-5795.

Widely used by Cable, Internet, Electrical, HVAC, Install and repair companies. Contact is today for your Locker needs. Our facility is open six days a week starting at 7AM. or P(917) 701-5795.

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Lockers Astoria Queens – – Free Delivery

Lockers Astoria Queens. Metal, Wood, Plastic (HPDE) Lockers in stock. Ideal for Schools, Medical, Law Enforcement, Office, Retail, Gyms and Warehouse. Proudly serving New York City since 1909. Our Astoria Locker Techs provide Complimentary Locker Room and Hallway Layouts six days a week. P (917) 701-5795.

Lockers Astoria Queens. Above Pictures shows the locker types stocked locally. Free on site layouts. Save on Freight, Low cost, Lifetime Warranty. or P(917) 701-5795

Lockers Astoria Queens. The most popular types of lockers purchased today are single tier – full height, double tier – stacked doors and Box lockers – six tier high.

Metal Lockers Astora Queens
Lockers Steinway Street. Two tier lockers maximize locker room space. Each locker above is 12″ wide x 18″ deep x 36″ high. Stocked in 4 additional sizes.

How to buy the lockers that you need cost effectively. Request standard sizes in standard no charge colors. When buying lockers select recessed pocket handles so the locks are not exposed. Another costly option is sloping tops.

Police Lockers Astoria Queens
Law Enforcement Lockers in Astoria. 24″ wide x 36″ deep x 90″ high. 20 standard colors. Free locker room layouts. P(917) 701-5795.

Sloping tops are thought to be used to prevent users from putting their shoes on top of the locker. It really does not work. Most shoes and sneakers can still be stacked on sloping tops. Another costly option is Zee bases. zee base is a steel counter type base installed under the lockers, Zee base is expensive and increases the install cost. Usually 4″ or 6″ high. To save a substantial amount of money request lockers with legs and closed in bases. Looks good.

Metal Lcckers Queens NY 11101
Lockers on 31st St. Single tier lockers stocked in 6 sizes. Available with closed in leg bases.

Antimicrobial Metal Lockers. Antimicrobial finish provides continuous protection against the touch transfer of bacteria on the locker surface, as well as colonization of mold and bacteria in locker corners, seams and on hidden surfaces behind and under the locker.  Lockers with DuPont’s Antimicrobial powder coat finish is guaranteed to last 20 years. It cannot be scrubbed or washed off. Providing decades of anti-bacteria resistant coverage.

Welded Wire Lockers Queens New York
Welded Wire Lockers in Astoria. Our electricians added electrical sockets to charge batteries. Free onsite layouts. Stocked in 12 standard sizes.

ADA Requirements for Locker Rooms and Hallways.  ADA lockers are required for every 4 to 5 lockers installed. Our locker techs can show you the best location and code requirements at no charge.

Locker Room Benches Queens NY
Locker Benches with laminate maple bench and lower expanded bottom shelf. Stocked in Blue and green. Standard benches with laminate maple bench and pedestal legs stocked from 3′ wide to 12′ wide

Our Astoria office provides Complimentary Locker Layouts six days a week. Contact us today for immediate assistance


Lockers delivered free to Astoria, Long Island City, Brooklyn, Queens NY, New York City, Staten Island, Bronx, Harlem, Washington Heights.


Lockers Queens NY –

Lockers Queens NY. Proudly serving Queens since 1909. Complimentary Layoutsand  Free Deliveries in the five Boroughs, Professional Installations. 109,000sf facility stocks metal lockers, Wood Lockers, Phenolic Lockers, Galvanized Lockers. Widely used by Schools, Business, Hotels, Gyms, Law Enforcement, Hospitals. Built to last in 24 standard colors.

Lockers Queens NY 11101
Lockers in Queens NY. Metal lockers available in 24 standard colors.

Our Locker specialists are available Monday through Friday 7AM to 7PM contact us today for immediate assistance.

Steel Lockers Queens NY 11105
Metal Lockers in Astoria Queens. Stocked in single tier shown above in 4 standard sizes. Lockers can be delivered assembled, Ready to use or unassembled for your staff or ours to build on site.

LockersUSA stocks the industries most popular types from Single Tier – Full height to Box Lockers – Six Tier high. Lockers can have flat or sloping tops, Open or closed in legs, Recessed stainless steel pocket handles or tamper proof handles.

Steel Lockers stocked locally in several tiers. Free locker room layouts.

Lock options include built in combination locks, Combo padlock, standard padlocks, Push button locks and flat key locks. Combo locks offer many benefits for any locker room, With the locks we provide control charts listing every locker # with the combination listed on the control chart. Each combination lock also includes 4 additional combination numbers, So when the users change the combination can be easily changed to the next available number. Combination and standard padlocks can be furnished with master keys for management. When the lockers are handed out, A tag is provided for the locker user detailing the locker number, the combination number and instructions in English and Spanish.  When additional lockers are needed we can provide locks that will match the master key and control charts provided to management.

Steel Lockers Queens NY 11101
Metal Lockers Queens NY in 2 tier – stacked doors. Extremely popular. Each door is 36″ high. Stocked 12″ deep, 15″ deep and18″ deep. Free Layouts and delivery.

Our 109,000 Sf facility also stocks Tenant Storage Cages in 18 standard sizes in single tier- full height doors and two tier – stacked doors. Each door has a full height anti-theft lock bar and welded hasp for padlocks.

Tenant Storage Cages Queens NY
Tenant Storage Lockers in Astoria. Free layouts, Lowest overall cost. 5 year warranty, Free delivery in the 5 Boroughs.

Contact us today for immediate assistance. Our Locker Specialist are available Monday through Friday 7Am to 5PM. Feel free to call P(917) 701-5795 or send us your drawings or appointment request.

Metal Lockers and Tenant Storage Lockers delivered free to Queens NY,  Long Island City, Astoria, Jackson Heights, Woodside, Sunnyside, Jamaica, Elmhurst, Brooklyn, NYC, Bronx, Staten Island.