Folding Gates New York City

Folding Gates New York City. LockersUSA Folding Gates protect your buildings assets. Steel Folding Security Gates provide security, ventilation and visibility for dock doors, lift-up doors, hallways and entry ways. They are used by Office Buildings, Stores, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals,  Distribution Centers, Warehouse facilities and Education.

LockersUSA provides free layouts, Professional Installations. Contact us today for immediate assistance. Our office is open 7 days a week. P(917) 837-0032

Steel Folding Gates NYC. Free layouts, Quick delivery and installation, Low cost - High Security. P(917)837-0032.
Steel Folding Gates NYC. Free layouts, Quick delivery and installation, Low cost – High Security. P(917)837-0032.

Our heavy duty steel gates with powder coat finish and our All Weather Galvanized Steel come in single and double folding gates.

steel folding gates NYC
steel folding gates NYC. Ideal for door openings 4-1/2′ to 7-1/2′. P(917)837-0032

Made of  3/4″ wide 14 gauge steel channel, riveted back to back with solid steel rivets.  We use 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ x 1/8″ thick hot rolled angle iron for upright gate rails that are vandal resistant.  Drop pins are made of 5/8″ round rod and our casters are steel. Color black enamel paint. Stock1/2′ high double gates.

We also make custom size single and double gates up to 10′ high. Call for quotes on custom sizes.  We carry door gates for openings 24″ to 48″ wide in heights from 61″ to 83″ and portable gates 6′ and 12′ wide. Contact us today for immediate assistance. P(917)837-0032

Folding Gates NYC

Folding Gates NYC | NYC Folding Gates

Folding Gates  NYC, Free on-site layouts, Fast Delivery and Installation

Folding Security Gates stocked in NYC at Equiptall. Galvanized steel or Powder Coat finish to match your facilities colors.

Folding gates
Folding gates NYC

Compact and easy to operate, the IEP portable Xtra-Duty designs come configured in three styles of locking mechanisms to accommodate a variety of needs: pressure fit, side-locking and floor mounting versions complete the line. As with all IEP gates, the portable models can be custom-made to fit any size opening and can accommodate a variety of installation options, making IEP security solutions a great fit for key applications where quick and easy traffic control is required.

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Reinforced with minimum of 2 rows of lattice bars, Xtra-Duty Folding Gates provide access control and front line security while offering line-of-sight visibility and air circulation. Units come in single- and double-gate configurations with folding top and bottom tracks that when expanded, create blockade from unwanted access. When closed, gates fold discretely out of the way. Portable models offer 3 styles of locking mechanisms, including pressure fit, side-locking, and floor mounting.
The Only Folding Security Gates Made With Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel.They withstand brutal 4-season conditions like rain and snow. Our Gates stand up to harsh industrial chemicals and cleaners too.






The Strongest Folding Security Gates on the Market


Our Security Gates are the only gates made with solid galvanized steel 5/8” self-securing drop pins designed to fit directly into floor holes. They provide maximum strength and maximum security. You cannot buy a stronger gate!
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