Metal Lockers Piscataway

Metal Lockers Piscataway. Ready to ship. Ideal for work, medical, gyms, school, hotels. Free on site layouts. Buy Local and Save.  Metal, Wood, Stainless, Phenolic, ADA Lockers stocked locally. Complimentary Layouts. LockersUSA can deliver your lockers delivered assembled or knocked down.

Steel Lockers Piscataway
Metal Lockers stocked locally in all types. 5 free standard colors, Complimentary layouts. P(917) 701-5795

.Lockers stocked locally in several style typed based on your needs and space available. Complimentary Layouts.

1 Tier Lockers are the industries most popular locker (shown above) Each 1 tier lockers comes with recessed handles, Full length continuous hinges, Coat hooks, top shelf, Recessed handle, Number plate.

Steel Lockers Piscataway
Single Tier Lockers in Piscataway. Free layouts, Lowest overall cost.
Two Tier Lockers can double the amount of lockers in the same space as single tier lockers. Each two tier

2 Tier Lockers in Piscataway. Max your space. Stocked in 5 free colors. Free on site layouts.

locker door is 36″ high, 72″ overall with 6″ legs. Shown above. LockersUSA stocks several types of lock options for lockers. Padlocks, Padlocks keyed different with master keys, Digital Locks, Coin Operated Locks, Combination padlocks and Built in Combination Locks. Our Combination Locks have several features to use. Combo locks can be delivered and installed with key control, Each locker is designated with a locker number. The control charts detail the locker number, Users name, Combination number and 4 additional combination numbers that can be set as users change. After 4 changes the combination number can be changed back to the original combination number.

Locks being programmed no charge in Piscataway by our locker tech.

Management is also provided with locker tags to hand out while assigning lockers detailing the locker #, combination number and how to open and close the lock in English and Spanish.

Metal Lockers Piscataway can help protect users from illness with Antimicrobial Metal Lockers. Antimicrobial finish provides continuous protection against the touch transfer of bacteria on the locker surface, as well as colonization of mold and bacteria in locker corners, seams and on hidden surfaces behind and under the locker.  Lockers with DuPont’s Antimicrobial powder coat finish is guaranteed to last 20 years. It cannot be scrubbed or washed off. Providing decades of anti-bacteria resistant coverage. provides complimentary onsite layouts, additional suggestions on preventing the spread of bacterial on lockers by ordering lockers without ventilation holes and antimicrobial handles. We also stock Restroom Faucets, ADA hand rails, Towel dispensers, Sinks, Counters and restroom partitions stalls, Toilet seats, Door knobs and flushometers with Antimicrobial finish. Contact us today for additional information and or complimentary layout. Antimicrobial finish can be applied to all colors.

Metal Lockers Piscataway  also stocks Locker Room benches with Maple Laminate or steel tops.

Locker Benches in Piscataway from 3′ wide to 12′ wide with laminate maple tops.

Bench bases delivered the same color as the lockers. Stocked locally from 3′ wide to 12′ wide. ADA Locker Room Benches also in stock. Golf Courses, DPW’s, Law Enforcement, Factories and Hotels in the area have also purchased #1888 Benches.

Locker Room Benches with bottom shelf #1888B

#1888B Available in 4 colors with a sturdy expanded metal bottom shelf. Contact LockersUSA today for immediate assistance. Our local office is open Monday – Friday 7AM – 7PM and Saturdays 8AM – 1PM  P(917) 701-5795 or

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