Tenant Storage Lockers Two Tier NYC

Tenant Storage Lockers two Tier NYC. Two Tier Tenant Storage Lockers provide maximum storage space in the smallest footprint. Many NYC buildings were not designed back in the day with tenant storage space or bike storage in mind. As the need grew buildings would convert once underutilized basement rooms into tenant storage space. The most preferred tenant storage locker is single tier – walk in type. But if you have a large residential building and small storage areas two tier tenant storage lockers are ideal.

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Tenant Storage Lockers NYC. Free onsite layouts.

LockersUSA located in Manhattan stock two tier lockers in several sizes 3’w x 3’d x 90″H, The lockers are stacked so each unit is 90″ high, Providing 9SF of storage space for residents. We also stock 4’w x 3’D and 4’w x 4’d and 4’w d 5’d.
Generate Revenue with Tenant Storage Lockers. Two tier tenant storage lockers generate good revenue with small monthly rental rates to residents. In the 5 boro’s the average rental rate for a 4x4x45″h tenant storage locker is $60.00 per month. If the building has 60 units, The tenant storage lockers will generate $43,200.00 per year in revenue. The tenant storage pays for it self in less than 9 months. LockersUSA also stocks single tier walk in type and if your basement has enough space tenants can be offered either single tier or 2 tier. Studio residents or 1 bedroom units may not need a large unit. LockersUSA provides complimentary on site layouts, Professional installations and revenue generating guidelines based on your specific neighborhood. Contact us today for immediate assistance. Sales@LockersUSA.com

Tenant Storage Lockers Two Tier New York City. Tenant Storage Cages two tier NYC.