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Tenant Storage Lockers NYC

Turn your underutilized basement space in your Residential or Office building into a revenue generating storage with Equiptall storage cages. 
 By converting unused or cluttered space into rentable storage space. Each building can generate maintenance free revenues.  The affordable nature of our products typically has a return on investment within 8 months, While keeping the rental rates low. The investment creates a steady flow of revenue.
Equiptall of provides complimentary onsite space & cost saving layouts. Helpful information on rental rates in neighboring buildings as a guideline. Professional Installations and Lifetime Warranties


Equiptall’s Galvanized Steel Tenant Storage Cages
with all welded grid openings, Full Height Lockbars
and welded hasps provide secure, visual storage.
Equiptall of NYC


Two Tier Lockers are ideal for small basements.
Available in several sizes. Free onsite layouts.
Equiptall of NYC
  • Heavy-duty, Quality Construction Galvanized Steel
  • Cost effective and professional Turnkey installation with Lifetime Warranty
  • Does not interfere with fire suppression, lighting or temperature controls
Tenant Storage Lockers NYC, Brooklyn, Queens NY, New Jersey