Tenant Storage Lockers in Harlem NY 10035

Harlem NY Tenant Storage Lockers for Coop and Condo Buildings create a convenient, Secure Amenity. Last month a Property Manager asked us to take a look at a basement they wanted to create a Tenant Storage Locker Room in. The renovated Coop has 40 units. Our Project manager provided a complimentary layout, Installed a sample Tenant Storage Lockers for the board and residents to inspect. A week later the installers at LockersUSA completed the installation. Backed with our Lifetime Warranty, the new Tenant Storage Lockers provided a secure and visible storage area.

LockersUSA.com provides complimentary on-site layouts, Code Compliance Guidelines, Turnkey Installations and Lifetime Warranties. Contact us today for immediate assistance.

Tenant Storage Lockers installed at East 125th St Harlem
Free onsite Layouts, Lifetime Warranty

Tenant Storage Lockers Bradhurst Ave Harlem NY
2 Tier Lockers 3 or 4 ft wide x 3,4 or 5 feet deep in Stock
in Harlem NY. Free Onsite Layouts

Tenant Storage Lockers in Harlem
1967 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd New York, NY 10026

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West 119th St Harlem NY 10027
West 152nd St Harlem NY 10031
2296 Frederick Douglass Blvd NY NY 10027
East 115th St NY NY 10029
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