NYC Hotel Security Cages

NYC Hotel Security Cages. Widely used in NYC’s hotel industry from enclosing boilers and equipment, Housekeeping equipment and supplies, Food and Liquor cages, Engineering Supplies,  Luggage and lost & found. Our all welded 8ga steel cages are stocked in galvanized steel and 5 other powder coat colors. provides complimentary on site layouts.

welded wire cages NYC
Installed in NYC Hotel. Our all welded cages provide secure, visual enclosures. Free on site layouts. Fast Quotes, Quick delivery & Installation. P(917)837-0032.

Doors can be delivered in hinged and slide doors in 3’w 4′ wide, 6′ and 8′ wide dutch doors. with steel encased cylinder locks, mag locks, card swipe, or push button with or without panic push bars.

basement cages NYC
Inventory cages installed in Times Square. Low cost, Lifetime Warranty. Free on site layouts. P(917) 837-0032.
Our modular design allow us to create any shape cage cost effectively.
Our modular design allow us to create any shape cage cost effectively. email us or call P (917)837-0032

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Server and Data Rooms can be easily enclosed with our 8ga steel cages with all welded grid openings. Our Liquor cages can be installed for bulk storage in the basement or on each floor for quick dispensing.

Welded Wire Cages NYC
Liquor Cage installed at a Greenwich Ave West Village Restaurant. 4’W x 2’D x 7’H with 3 shelves. LockersUSA can make the size you need, Call us. P(917) 837-0032

Money can be saved by attaching the security cage to existing back and or side walls. Tops and bottom floors can also be added along with shelves. Our security cages can be viewed in most neighborhood hotels in Manhattan. Contact us today for a complimentary on site layout P(917)837-0032.



Woven Wire Security Cage. Free on site layouts and quote. Professional Installations. 5 Year Warranty. or P(917)837-0032
Hotel Laundry bins can also be enclosed and easily accessed with our 6′ wide or 8′ wide double doors. Free Onsite Layouts P(917) 837-0032 or email us

Contact us today for immediate assistance our office is open Monday – Saturday 7-5. or give us a call P(917) 837-0032.

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