Tenant Storage Lockers in Bloomfield NJ | Bloomfield NJ Tenant Storage Lockers Generate Revenue.

Tenant Storage Lockers in Bloomfield help an apartment building generate revenue. Recently a developer in Bloomfield called, he wanted to provide Tenant Storage Lockers for his tenants. The building has 52 units. Equiptall of NJ sent over a supervisor to visit the space available. The apartment building has a large basement that had been used for bulk storage. A complimentary layout and quote was provided the next day. Based on the layout 42 each Tenant Storage Lockers 4ft wide x 5 foot deep x 8ft high would fit nicely in the basement. Plus a large cage for storage for the maintenance equipment.
 After reviewing comparable rentals for storage in the area, It was decided that a low rental rate of just $50.00 per month would be charge for the large Tenant Storage Lockers.
 The apartment building is now generating $26,000.00 per year in maintenance free revenue.
 The building also installed Equiptalls Space Saving Bike Racks in the same room.
 Equiptalls Galvanized Welded Grid Tenant Lockers provide secure visual storage. The design eliminates the need for additional lighting or temperature controls. Equiptall also provides a Lifetime Warranty on the Tenant Storage Lockers and Installation. Creating maintenance free revenue.
 Contact Equiptall today for a complimentary on-site layout and quote. Sales@LockersUSA.com
Single Tier Walk in Lockers, Galvanized 4ga Steel with full height
anti- theft lock bars and hasp.


Equiptall 2 Tier Lockers available in various sizes.





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