Cannabis Grow Rooms NJ – Prefab Cultivation Rooms NJ

Cannabis Grow Rooms NJ. Prefab NJCRC Compliant Grow rooms in New Jersey. Prefab modular clean rooms for the cannabis industry in New Jersey. Our Cultivation rooms have several cost effective benefits. to meet existing and future regulations from NJCRC, FDA and USDA. Its apparent that cGMP  future cannabis cultivation in New Jersey will significantly impact whats ahead in cultivation and production. Contact us today for a Complimentary code compliant layout and quote.

Cannabis Grow Rooms NJ
Cannabis Prefab Grow Rooms New Jersey. Complimentary code compliant layout and quote. Email:

Prefab solutions in New Jersey for perpetual harvesting for every phase of cannabis production and harvesting. for Mother Rooms, Close Rooms, Vegetative growth rooms, Flowering rooms, Drying and Trim rooms, Curing rooms, Extraction rooms Compounding rooms and Packaging rooms. Our Prefab grow rooms can be designed using all types of soils.

Our 3″ thick wall systems flexibility for grow room is ideal for the Cannabis Industry. Choosing the right wall panels for your facility will
play a key role in your ability to comply with
regulatory standards.
We offer three primary wall panels, specifically selected
for grow room requirements that are:
• Durable enough to withstand regular cleaning.
• Resistant to moisture.
• Compliant with cGMP standards.

Grow Room Panels
Our Grow Room Panel combines durability, cleanability and excellent thermal control for maximum
• Polyisocyanurate foam core is moisture-resistant and thermally efficient.
• Available with durable and easy-to-clean painted steel or aluminum surfaces.
• Non-combustible, structurally sound panel.

Roof Options
We offer various roof options to complete your design in a cost-effective manner while meeting your
environmental control goals and load-bearing requirements. • Corrugated metal decking or panelized roof designs available

Door Types

• Single doors
• Double doors
• High speed roll up doors
• Sliding doors
• Specialty doors

Since 1909 LockersUSA takes the stress out of selecting the correct code compliant Grow rooms. Our team provides complimentary layouts and quotes daily. Contact us for immediate assistance.

Our Prefab Cannabis Grow Rooms are also compliant in New York and Pennsylvania. Contact us today for immediate assistance.

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