Tenant Storage Lockers Generate Revenue for NYC CO-OP | NYC Tenant Storage Locker Guide 2014

Having Tenant Storage Lockers in your NYC Residential basement is a win-win for the residents and building. Compared to offsite storage facilites the cost is much less. Factoring in the convenience and hassle from traveling adds additional savings. The average cost per rentals for Tenant Storage ranges from $60.00 to $145.00 per month. Depending on the size of the unit. Buildings with 40 units renting out tenant storage at $60.00 per month would generate $28,800. in revenue per year. Typically the ROI is within 7-8 months. Tenant Storage Lockers are either Single Tier or Double Tier Equiptall located on NYC stocks Tenant Storage Lockers in NYC. Our warehouse allows us to buy in bulk at lower costs and freight costs. Having inventory in NYC enables our installation crews to install within one week instead of 4-5 weeks.

Single Tier Lockers 4ga Galvanized  Heavy Duty. With full height anti-theft lockbars
and hasps, All Welded Grid Openings 1.5 x 3.  In stock at /Equiiptall in NYC.
Equiptall provides complimentary on-site Space and Cost Saving Layouts. Professional Installations and Lifetime Warranties on our Tenant Storage Lockers and Installations.
Two Tier Tenant Storage Lockers in stock 3′ & 4′ wide x 3.4 or 5’D
All Welded 4ga Galvanized Lockers with Lock bars, Hasps and tops.
Free ion-site Layouts, Lifetime Warranty.
Equiptall of NYC

Tenant Storage Lockers IN NYC

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Tenant storage Cages NYC. Lockersusa.com stocks tenant storage cages, Metal Lockers and security cages. Complimentary on-site layouts. Lowest overall cost. Proudly serving New York City, Brooklyn, Queens NY, Bronx, Staten Island and Upper Manhattan. Tenant Storage Cages NYC