Pallet Rack Bronx

Pallet Rack Bronx. Stocked locally from 6′ high to 24′ high. Free layouts, Lowest overall cost. Est. 1909. NY & NJ largest inventory. Our Pallet Racking Specialist in the Bronx provide complimentary layouts 6 days a week. P(917) 701-5795.

Pallet Rack Bronx
Pallet Rack Bronx. Stocked locally. Free layouts, Lowest overall cost.

Pallet Rack Bronx (Inwood) stocks both widely used teardrop type and keystone. Teardrop type beams and uprights work well with most racking installed today. Our Pallet Racking is being used in the Tri- State area to store everything from bus engines to pallets of pillows. Wire decks also in stock for new rack orders or your existing rack. Money can be substantially saved if you hand loading

Pallet Rack Bronx
Pallet Racking Bronx. If your hand loading, Request bulk rack shown above. 40% less than pallet rack.

material onto each level. Bulk Rack is widely used for non fork lift loading. It too is heavy duty and holds up to 4500 pounds per shelf. Bulk rack is typically 40 % less than pallet racking. Bulk rack can also have wire deck levels or solid shelf on each beam level.The pallets are intended to sit on the beams not deck.

Pallet Rack Bronx. Wire decking for rack in stock.

Wire decking is preferred, It allows water from sprinklers to flow through each level. Our rack is stocked in powder coat colors. if your storing material outside we also have galvanized – rust resistant Pallet Racking and Beams in the Bronx.  Call us we are open Monday through Friday 6AM – 5PM.

Pallet Rack Bronx also stocks industrial shelving in 8 powder coat colors with weight capacities from 450 pounds to 1450 pounds. Clip type adjustable with no nuts or bolts to deal with. The shelves are easily adjustable on 1-1/2″ centers.

Shelving Units stocked from 6′ high to 24′ high depths range from 12″ to 48″ deep. Locking Doors, full height, half height can be attached to the shelving for secure inventory storage. Modular drawers can also be added from 2″ high to 12″ high.

Modular drawers maximize storage. 1 unit of shelving with modular drawers holds as much as 4-5 shelving units. Each drawer can hold up to 650 pounds.

Our modular drawers have jeweled bearings that provide a lifetime of use. Aloowing the drawer to be pulled out with minimal effort. Each drawer unit has a no tipping bracket installed that prevents tipping even when all drawer are open.  Our office is starting at 6AM six days a week. Call now for immediate assistance. P(917) 701-5795.

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Pallet Racking Bronx NY

Pallet Racking Bronx NY. Stocked locally. Complimentary Layouts, Ships in 48 hours, Lowest overall cost. Proudly serving the NYC Metro area since 1909.  Made in the USA. Professional Installations. LockersUSA’s Pallet Rack uses the most common beam attachment in the industry. Two Teardrop holes next to each other on 2″ centers. Beams adjustable every 2″ Teardrop type is the industry standard and works with most teardrop style beams. Each beam has a safety clip. P(917) 701-5795.

Pallet Racking Bronx NY
Pallet Racking Bronx NY. Pallet Racking stocked locally. Complimentary code compliant layouts, Quick quotes. All orders ship in 48 hours. P(917) 701-5795
  • Industry standard teardrop design is compatible with other teardrop pallet rack.
  • Safety clip securely locks beams in place for increased safety.
  • Uprights can be built up to 46 ft high.
  • Made in America with U.S. High-Strength Steel.
  • Quick Ship items guaranteed to ship in 48 hours or free freight.

    Pallet Racking Bronx New York
    Pallet Racking Bronx NY. Stocked locally. Free on site
Wire Deck: Pallet Racking Wire Deck in stock in the Bronx.
Pallet Rack Decking Bronx
Pallet Rack Decking Bronx NY. In stock. Ideal for existing or new rack. Stocked in several sizes and weight capacity. Email for assistance.
Wire deck for both new and existing pallet rack systems. It provides numerous designs for a variety of capacity and application needs covering all aspects of both manufacturing and distribution. It installs quickly with no tools and is an excellent choice for facilities with sprinkler systems.Our wire deck meets all fire and safety regulations. Contact us for more information on this quality product.

LockersUSA is open Monday through Friday 6AM to 8PM, Saturdays 6AM to 2PM. Contact us for immediate assistance. Our Pallet Rack specialist provide onsite or online layouts six days a week. or Phone or text us now (917) 701-5795.

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Pallet Racks Bronx

Pallet Racks Bronx. Stocked locally save on cost and freight. Proudly serving the Bronx since 1909.  Complimentary Layouts, Quick delivery, Lowest overall cost, Professional Installations. Tear Drop and Keystone style rack in stock. New Pallet Rack and Shelving in the Bronx. Our Bronx Rack specialists can help you select the right weight capacity, height and depth needed. From bus engines to pallets of pillows we have the rack needed. Quick ships in 48 hours. We also stock wire decking for pallet racking. P(917) 701-5795 call or email us now, When your working we’re working.

Pallet Racks Bronx
Pallet Racks Bronx. Free code compliant layouts. Quick ship, Lowest overall cost. Wire decking for pallet racks also in stock. P(917) 701-5795.

Now you can buy new rack and shelving for the same cost as used. Your insurer prefers new over used.  stocks Tear drop and keystone type pallet rack in all weight capacities. Pallet Racks Bronx can ship your rack or shelving within 48 hours. P(917) 701-5795.

Pallet Racks Bronx
Pallet Racks Bronx. We have the exact racking needed for your specific application. Call or email for a complimentary code code compliant layout. or P(917) 701-5795

Our installations team provides complimentary on site layouts, professional installations and lifetime warranties not only on our rack and shelving but our installations too!. Save money if your hand loading your inventory ask for Bulk Rack. Bulk Rack (shown below) is less than half the cost of pallet rack and holds up to 4500lbs per level.

Pallet Racks Bronx
Pallet Racks Bronx. If your hand loading boxes consider bulk rack. Bulk rack is much less than pallet rack. Holds up to 4500 pounds per level. Free onsite layouts. P(917) 701-5795

LockersUSA also stocks metal shelving in the Bronx in six standard colors. weight capacities 650 pounds and more when needed. Steel Shelving can be quick shipped in either open with back and side cross brackets or with closed backs or sides. The shelves are fully adjustable, clip type no nuts or bolts. Our six install crews work in NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and NJ. Contact us today for immediate assistance. Our complimentary on site layout will help you save space, costs and make sure your space is code compliant. If you need repairs or to reconfigure you existing rack or shelving gives us a call. Our team is experienced, insured. Contact us now our office is open 6AM – 6PM, Monday – Sat. Sundays until Noon. P(917)701-5795 or email us

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