Tenant Storage Lockers Woodbridge

Tenant Storage Lockers Woodbridge. Complementary Layouts, Lowest cost, Lifetime Warranty. Generates excellent Revenue. Stocked locally, Save on shipping cost. Manufactured with 4ga welded wire in Galvanized or Powder coat Black or Gray. Tenant Storage Lockers Woodbridge stocked in Single Tier – Full height and Double Tier – Stacked. Each Tenant Storage cages has anti-theft lock bars, welded hasps for padlocks or cylinder locks. cylinder locks can be keyed different with master keys. Stock standard sizes range from 3′ wide to 5′ wide x 3’d to 5’d x 90″ high. Other sizes can be installed cost effectively with our systems modular design.  Locker tops, floors, backs,  shelves can be installed as options.

Tenant Storage Lockers Woodbridge
Tenant Storage Lockers Woodbridge. Free cost saving, Code Compliant Layouts. sales@LockersUSA.com

How to save money on tenant storage lockers. Tenant storage lockers from all manufacturers are ordered with starters and add ons. Starters have a door and two side partitions. Add on rows have a door and one side. Each row starts with a starter unit every unit in the row after the starter is an add on unit. The first addon on unit attaches to the starter unit (common sides) the rest of the add on units attach to the unit next to it. Using common sides saves money. Tenant Storage cages are typically attached directly to the room walls and floors. Back included for units not being placed up against a wall.

Tenant Storage Lockers Woodbridge
Tenant Storage Lockers Woodbridge. Two Tier Lockers shown above max the smallest footprint. Stocked locally in 8 sizes. Free layouts. sales@lockersUSA.com

LockersUSA.com provides complementary layouts, either on line or on site six days a week. . Our experienced team will provide a code compliant, cost saving layout, quote.

Tenant Storage Lockers Woodbridge generates good revenue. Today most developers, landlords and Condo boards charge a monthly rental rate for on site storage averaging $75.00 to $250.00 per month depending on the size. A unit with 50 tenant storage cages renting out at $85.00 per month on average would generate $51,000.00 per year. The Return on investment (ROI) is quick, Usually 6-7 months.  LockersUSA also stocks locally Security Cages, DEA Cages, Server – Data room cages and Machine Guarding – Safety Cages. Contact us now for immediate assistance. Sales@LockersUSA.com or P(917) 701-5795.

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