NYC Tenant Storage Lockers |Tenant Storage Lockers NYC Purchasing Guide | How Free Lockers actually May cost your building $63K

 Tenant Storage Lockers in NYC. As new or existing residential buildings look to purchase lockers Boards see ads for free tenant storage lockers. The concept is the dealer provides the tenant storage units free to the board for a contracted number of years. Then a small percentage of the rental charge that is passed to tenants is returned to the board monthly. Normally the rental fee for free lockers is higher than offsite storage and rises yearly. At the end of the contract the units can be purchased at nearly the cost of new or another rental contract can be written. As an example if the monthly rental fee per unit is $140.00 per month x 40 units. The revenue generated on free lockers would be $5,600.00 per month to the dealer. A rebate to the board would average $280.00 per month. Yearly the dealer would generate $67,200. renting the units to the tenants while the yearling rebate to the board would total $3,360.00. If the board or developer buys the lockers the building would generate $63,840.00 per year. The tenant storage lockers would pay for themselves in less then 8 months. The added bonus is when management buys the lockers most good dealers provide a lifetime warranty on the lockers and installations. Creating a maintenance free, Revenue generator.

Tenant Storage Lockers Two Tier shown above.
Equiptall stocks Two Tier and Single Tier (walk-in)
Tenant Storage Lockers in welded and woven wire
with powder coat and Galvanized finish.

Enclosed Tenant Storage Bins or Tenant Storage Cages?
 Its best to first check with your insurer first. Management not knowing what tenants put inside the bins is a concern for all residents today. Enclosed bins may increase the costs for lighting and water sprinklers. Tenant Storage Cages have many benefits, Today the tenant cages come in Galvanized with all welded grid openings, Full height lock bars, Tamper proof anchoring and a variety of lock options. Tenant cages also require no additional lighting, temperature controls or sprinklers.

The bottom line is cost. If your building financially cannot afford to purchase of Tenant Storage Units. Accepting the lease proposal may be your only alternative. Based on the above example the building would yield $3,360. per year. Less possible insurance and sprinkler fees.
 Purchasing the tenant storage lockers based on same example the storage cages would generate $63,840.00 per year with a lifetime warranty on the tenant storage cages and labor.
Check to see if you need ADA Compliant Lockers:
Their are city, state and federal guidelines, Not every locker needs to be ADA compliant but some may. Equiptall provides complimentary onsite layouts that give potential customers all the information they need to purchase the correct storage units based on code, the number of units needed and space available. Contact us today for immediate assistance. P(917)837-0032 or Email us to schedule a site visit.
Full disclosure: Equiptall of NYC stocks Tenant Storage Cages, We sell and provide lease-purchase tenant storage cages and enclosed bins also. However we try to help our customers purchase their lockers so they can generate income immediately rather than face extreme costs with “free Tenant Bins” when the contract expires.

NYC Tenant Storage Lockers, Equiptall of NYC stocks Tenant Storage Lockers in Manhattan. Our Galvanized heavy duty welded tenant lockers are the only ones in the industry with the lowest overall cost and Lifetime Warranty. Equiptall provides complimentary on-site layouts, Cost saving suggestions, Code Compliant Guidelines and Revenue Generating guidelines for renting out Tenant Storage Lockers. Contact us today for immediate assistance.

Equiptall of NYC
Tenant Storage Lockers – Single Tier – Walk in Lockers. All sizes in Stock.
Free on-site layout.


Max your space with two tier lockers. in stock 3,4 or 5ft wide x 3,4&5ft deep
Each locker is 45 inches high. Ideal for small storage room. 2 tier will max out your
room space efficiently. Free on-site layouts.


Equiptall Tenant Storage Lockers makes every project standard.
No costly custom costs with our System. Any size locker can be made.

Equiptall of NYC
Tenant Storage Lockers  NYC purchasing Guide for Tenant Storage Lockers in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens NY, Bronx, Harlem, Staten Island.


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