DEA Pharmaceutical Cages Queens NY

DEA Pharmaceutical Cages Queens NY. LockersUSA takes the guess work out of becoming DEA compliant, Our specialists provide complimentary onsite layouts along with all the information needed. Our team provides professional installations and the best warranty in the business at the lowest overall costs. Call us now for immediate assistance. P(917)837-0032.

LockersUSA wire partitions are perfect for DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) Federal Regulation Code Title 21 security requirements, Section 1301.72, including:

  • Walls constructed of not less than #10-gauge steel fabric mounted on steel posts
  • Mesh construction with openings not more than 2-1/2 inches opening
  • A ceiling constructed of the same material or walls extending to and firmly attached to the structural ceiling
  • A door constructed of the same gauge steel fabric on a metal door frame in a metal door flange
Call (917) 837-0032/ DEA Pharmaceutical Cages Queens NY
DEA Pharmaceutical Cages Queens NY, Free onsite layouts. P(917)837-0032

LockerUSA wire mesh partitions are configurable to your size specifications. Our mesh partitions are ideal for pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, and packagers.

With our experience in DEA storage cage installations, we can simplify your DEA storage cage compliance. Allow us to assist. We provide free on site assistance. And our products come with a five-year warranty.

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