No Cost Security Cages NYC

No cost Security Cages NYC

Theft losses add up. Use LockersUSA Security Cages NYC to lockup inventory to prevent theft. These security cage lockers pays for itself from your savings gained from reduced pilferage.

woven wire wecurity lockers
LockersUSA security cages New York City

LockerUSA security cages are made with 10-gauge welded wire woven in either 1” x 1” or 1-1/2” x 3” square grid patterns.
Finish – LockersUSA security cage panels come in either galvanized or powder coated in six standard colors.
Doors – Hinged or sliding doors are available. In addition, you can select from multiple lock options including steel encased cylinders, push buttons, card swipe, and biometric locks.
Size – Standard panels are available in a variety of widths and heights. Contact LockersUSA with your specifications for a free layout

prevent theft of inventory with LockersUSA security cages/ (917) 837-0032
Prevent inventory theft with LockersUSA security cages.
Call (917) 837-0032


wire partition cages
LockersUSA security cages around equipment prevent accidents.

LockersUSA security cages NYC are also ideal for securing equipment and machinery.

Security cages NYC have been installed in New York throughout the Tri-State for various applications including hotel luggage cages, warehouse partitions, colocation cages, data server cages. LockersUSA security cages are also approved for use as DEA Drug Storage cages.

Our experienced technicians provide free layouts. Contact LockersUSA today to immediately cut inventory loss and prevent accidents.

Call (917) 837-0032 or email us at

For additional information, visit us at LockersUSA

Security cages New York City

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