How to buy Tenant Storage Lockers, Design, Purchase and ADA Compliance Guidelines

How to buy Tenant Storage Lockers for Your Co-op, Condo, Apartment Building

Tenant Storage Lockers Great Amenity and Revenue Generator for Multi-Family Residential Buildings. This article will help you create a list of parameters to help you maximize space and save money.
The Tenant Storage Locker business has manufacturers and dealers in every major city. The goal of every purchaser is to create space for each resident wanting a locker. And to purchase the tenant lockers at the lowest overall cost with the best warranty. Here are some tips to start your search.
Shop Local, Large distributors stock Tenant Storage Lockers, They buy in large quanities and receive larger discounts that are passed on to their customers. Use their knowledge, Good dealers will  provide on-site layouts that will help you save space, stay within city, state and federal code guidelines. Local dealers know your city and building. In NYC and other large cities, it is important to have hands on knowledge what size truck is allowed on your street. If you need a liftgate on the truck to offload the delivery. They will work with your building to coordinate the offload and inside delivery. Does your building have an elevator to the basement or should the delivery be via stairs. Knowing this information is key to seamless installations. Not knowing could add additional costs in having the delivery returned to the terminal and redelivered.
 Layouts: The amount of Tenant Lockers depends on the space available and the number of units in your building. Talk to your dealer he will create a complimentary layout to max you space, Based on your buildings needs.
ADA Compliance: Federal Law requires ADA compliant Tenant Storage Lockers. Compliance is not expensive, Not complying is expensive.  Local dealers can help you achieve ADA compliant lockers cost effectively.
Warranty: Good Suppliers provide a Lifetime Warranty for the Tenant Storage Lockers. Really good Tenant Storage Locker companies provide Lifetime Warranties on the Lockers and Installation.
How to Generate Revenue with Tenant Storage Lockers: Tenant Storage Lockers are a win-win investment. Low rental fees will generate excellent revenue for the building to help offset other costs.
Good local dealers will let you know what other neighboring buildings rent out thier tenant storage lockers for and how much revenue will be generated. Typical return on investment is less that 1 year.
This is key, Max your investment with a local dealer that provides lifetime warranties on the lockers and installation. This will create a very long term maintenance free investment.
 In the interest of full disclosure is in the Tenant Storage Locker business. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. provides complimentary on-site layouts, Lifetime Warranties. Turnkey solutions, Cost effectively.

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