Tenant Storage Lockers Generate $45k Revenue for New Harlem Co-op Building

Tenant Storage Lockers NYC
Recently a developer contacted Equiptall of NYC regarding Tenant Storage Lockers. The developer was converting a building on West 110th St that would have 50 apartments. The builders wanted to provide the new residents with Tenant Storage Lockers and a Bike Room. Equiptalls installation supervisor provided a complimentary layout. It was recommended that the building consider a mix of Equiptalls 2 Tier Lockers for the Studio apartments and Single Tier Lockers for units with 1-2 bedrooms.  The quote and layout was presented to the developer, Additionally our office provided rental information on Tenant Storage Lockers based on neighboring buildings. By renting out the new tenant Storage Lockers at a minimal monthly rental fee. The  building would generate $45,000. per year in maintenance free revenue. Even better the ROI (return on Investment) was less than 7 months.

Equiptall Two Tier Tenant Storage Lockers
Each Locker either 3 or 4ft wide x 3 or 4ft D
by 45 Inches high

Single Tier Lockers in stock in NYC. Free onsite layouts, Lifetime Warranty. Sales@LockersUSA.com

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Tenant Storage Lockers West 110th St NYC 10026