Tenant Storage Lockers NYC | Tenant Storage Lockers E52nd St NYC Generate $52,000 Revenue

Tenant Storage Lockers installed on East 52nd St NYC, Have created a win-win for residents and management when recently installed in Midtown East. The Co-op building has 35 residential units.
 Equiptall based in NYC was called to provide a layout by the management company. One of our estimators visited the building created a layout and quote. We then walked over to a neighboring building and showed the board members and property managers an Installation Equiptall did 5 years ago.

 After reviewing all bids, The project was awarded to Equiptall. Key factors to the award was overall lowest cost. Quality and Equiptall’s Lifetime Warranty, Not only on the lockers, But also on the installation. Creating a maintenance free Tenant Storage Room.
 Equiptall provided the board with information on what other buildings in their zip code charge for tenant storage. It was decided to charge the residents $125.00 per month for a full size tenant storage cage. The building was able to pay for the project (ROI) in under 8 months. Generating a yearly maintenance free revenue over $52,500.
 Equipto’s 4ga Galvanized Steel Tenant Storage Lockers have all welded grid openings, Each locker came with tops, steel encased cylinder locks and sturdy posts 2″ x 2″ x 8’H with 2×6″ welded foot plates for secure anchoring.
The project was completed in 3 days, The building also chose Equiptall to set up a bike room for the residents. 70 Wall Mount Bike Brackets were installed, Increasing the bike room capacity over 50%. The wall mount bike brackets allowed bikes to be stored just 12″ apart, By alternating the height of every other bracket, The handlebars will not touch the neighboring bikes. The spacious layout created a user friendly bike room. Each tenant was also emailed a video on how to use the bike brackets to eliminate any heavy lifting.
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