How to Buy and Generate Revenue with Tenant Storage Lockers in NYC

How to buy and generate Revenue with Tenant Storage Lockers in NYC.  Tenant storage lockers provide residents with the  on site convenience of being in their building combining a nice amenity with a potential revenue generator to help offset other rising common costs. Today lockers are made of two very popular types. For generations woven wire cages had been installed, Normally in a 10ga material. Over the last several years the next generation of Tenant Storage Cages have become New York City’s most popular selection. Today Tenant Storage Cages come in 4GA welded wire steel in either galvanized or with a power coat finish in 5 standard colors. 4ga is double the thickness of 10ga see the chart below.

Tenant Storage Cages NYC
Ask for 4ga welded wire tenant storage lockers. The welded wire is twice as thick compared to the old style 10ga woven wire lockers. Today 4ga costs less and has a better warranty. P(917)837-0032

Tenant storage cages are made in 3 styles. Single Tier (walk in) Double Tier (stacked –  one on top of the other) and Larger custom sizes built to the size specified with modular designed panels that keep the cost lower that custom makes.

NYC Tenant Storage cages Brooklyn
Tenant Storage Cages NYC. Galvanized Steel heavy duty 4ga. With all welded grid openings. Free on site layouts. Email us P(917)837-0032

The 4ga. welded wire tenant storage locker offer many benefits to the purchaser. They cost less than 10ga woven wire. Today’s technology allows them to be manufactured with Robots. The warranty is much better with 5ga welded wire cages Lifetime vs 1-5 years. Aesthetically 4ga welded wire cage in galvanized or with a powder coat finish looks much better than the old style and will attract potential residents.

Revenue Generating with Tenant Storage Lockers: Tenant Storage Lockers are now rented out monthly or sold to resident. In NYC and parts of Brooklyn single tier units are rented out from $95-$175.00 per month. If a building rents out the tenant storage cages at just $95.00 per month to 50 residents. The building would generate $57,000 per year in maintenance free revenue. in almost every building the tenant storage cages pay for themselves in just 8-9 months.

Tenant Storage cages NYC
2 tier tenant storage lockers installed on E78th St NYC. Ideal for large buildings with a small basement. stocked in NYC 3′ wide and 4′ w. Each locker is 45″H. Larger sizes also in stock. P(917)837-0032. or email us

How to buy Tenant Storage Lockers: Contact local suppliers, Ask them to come in and provide a complimentary layout and quote. Compare the quality, price and warranty to all bidders. Ask the bidders to show you local installations so that you can see what your buying. Or ask the bidders to supply a tenant storage cage so that the board can inspect on site.  Equiptall is a master distributor of tenant storage lockers and bike room solutions. Our inventory and office is located here in Manhattan. Contact us if we can be of assistance. Email or give us a call P(917)837-0032.

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