Guard Booths and Prefabricated Modular Offices Harlem NYC 10035

Guard Booths and Prefabricated Offices Harlem NYC 10035


Prefab Modular offices Harlem
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Equiptall Located in NYC provides Free on site Layouts to help you select the guard booth for your specific needs
Guard Booths and are assembled at the factory to ensure they are built factory standards. Our Guard Houses can be made to your need size and configuration. We also stock quick ship guard booths for immediate delivery. Contact Equiptall now for immediate assistance (917) 837-0032


The panels are 3″ thick and composed of painted concrete board on the exterior and interior to not only provide superior insulation but be durable enough to withstand blistering heat and freezing cold. All of the exposed structural elements are anodized aluminum. Windows are 1/4″ tempered safety glass and can be fixed or sliding.

T-8 light fixtures, switches, and duplex outlets are all pre-wired to a load center. Simply bring power to the breaker box and move in!

Accessories include steel or plastic laminate counter-tops, HVAC units, and baseboard heaters. We can even work with existing plumbing for restrooms!

Panel Options:
Vinyl covered hardboard is our most economical solution. The vinyl surface is durable and easy to clean. Vinyl is available in white, gray, or beige.
1-3/4” panel is R-7 / STC 24; 3” Panel is R-13 / STC 24

Painted or vinyl covered gypsum is UL class A – FM class 1 non-combustible plus added sound attenuation vs. hardboard. Vinyl is available in white, gray, or beige. Painted gypsum is available in virtually
any color.
1-3/4” panel is R-5 / STC 31; 3” Panel is R-11 / STC 32

Painted 24 gauge steel adds durability over vinyl. Steel can also be painted any color and is ideal for matching existing buildings or equipment. Steel can be laminated to our gypsum panels or directly to the foam core.

Other panel surface options include FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic),
which is ideal for rest rooms or food production facilities,
hardie-backer cement board which is used on all of our outdoor
applications, dry erase board, cork board, or many other options
to fit your needs. Vinyl covered panels are available in
white, gray, or beige. Steel and painted gypsum can be painted

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