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Tenant Storage Lockers NYC generate revenue for residential buildings. By charging a low monthly rental fee the building can generate good revenue while creating an amenity. The key to creating a good revenue stream is the initial purchasing process. Basically NYC has two types of methods to have tenant storage lockers. Tenant Storage Lockers can be installed free by some companies. They will provide the building with a small percentage of the sale for the right to rent tenant storage lockers to tenants. The other method is to buy the tenant storage lockers and then rent the tenant storage to the tenants. The difference between the two is substantial. In the following example the difference in revenue generated is $3k or $60K per year.

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If you let a company manage your tenant storage and lease directly to residents the revenue generated is  minimal, Whereas if you buy the tenant storage lockers your revenue is 100% of the rental fee. When buying the tenant storage lockers you own them forever. No additional fees incurred. If you let a company manage and lease the tenant lockers the building at the end of the agreement must then buy the lockers at current pricing or have them removed. As an example if your building has 40 tenant storage lockers renting to residents at $125.00 per month. If leased and managed by an outside company the building would generate on the average just $3,000.00. If the tenant storage Lockers had been purchased out right and rented to residents the building would generate $60,000.00 per year, Maintenance free. Typically Tenant storage lockers will pay for the selves in less than 8 months. Of the building can afford to buy the long term revenue gains are huge. If the board cannot afford to purchase the lockers maybe letting the outside vendor in should be considered. The decision comes down to wanting to earn $3k per year or $60K per year.
LockersUSA based in New York City stocks tenant storage lockers. Our team provides on site complimentary layouts and revenue generating guidelines based on your neighborhood. Our service oriented crews provide professional installations, Lowest overall cost and the best warranty in the City. Tenant Storage Lockers are stocked in single tier and double tier (stacked) in various sizes. Many buildings have both single and double tier based on the number of units and space available. Initially we suggest taking advantage of our complimentary on site layout and quote. This will give decision makers the ability to see how many tenant storage lockers can fit in the storage area, How much revenue can be generated and the ability to compare brands to see which offers the best overall and lowest cost. Lockers USA stocks 4ga galvanized and powder coat tenant storage lockers. Each locker comes with a full height anti theft lock bar, Tops, welded hasps, number plates and 5 year warranty not only on the lockers but the labor also. Contact LockersUSA for a complimentary on site layout and revenue generating info. Email us Sales@LockersUSA.com or give us a call P(888)963-5355.

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